WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

“This is fun!” said Sleepyhead, remembering the times he went skydiving. The happy memories made HIM float off the ship and fly.

He giggled as he somersaulted in the air. “Try it, everyone, this is fun!”

Boomer concentrated. What made him happy?

Then he remembered… a little FTP girl had pulled him as her first 4* ever… and she had leveled him… and still used him in her 3/2 attack team despite also pulling Proteus, Rigard, Sabina, Merlin, Ameonna, Sartana, Domitia, Quintus, Obakan, Kunchen, Gafar, Fura, Grimble…

… and that thought made him shed a tear of joy…

… and he stretched his arms out.

“I can fly, too!” he laughed as he flew to join @nevarmaor, Mila the tiny fairy, Sleepyhead, a still-flapping, panicky Proteus, and Hu Tao.

Except… his anchor couldn’t think happy thoughts. It wasn’t alive.

And Boomer let go of his anchor…

… and it crashed into the giant balloon…

… and popped it.

“NOT AGAIN!” everyone yelled as they plummeted to the ground.


“Nope, don’t look at me.” Hu Tao floated away. “I’m not saving them again.”

“Come on!” @nevarmaor dog paddled in circles.

“I’m too small.” Mila Tinkerbell fluttered to his nose. “Can you think happy thoughts for all of them?”

“Irrelevant!” @sft1965 shook his head. “They were guest stars anyway.”

“But we shouldn’t let our guests plummet to their deaths …” @sleepyhead sighed. “Right?”

“Is Tyr there?” @amrath did a quadruple somersault. “Because Bad Santa can go straight to–”

“But it’s Black Friday!” Proteus gasped.

“Oy, are you shopping?” @Dr-Zoidberg raised his eyebrows. “I need wool socks, if you’re wondering.”

“I prefer Cyber Monday.” @CaptainjaKCsparrow tapped his chin. “I hope Amazon has a good abacus on sale.”

“Where did they go?” Hu Tao floated on his stomach, pointing to the ground.

“They disappeared!” Proteus trembled, waving his handkerchief.

“No, the question is …” @nevarmaor blinked in panic. Nothing looked familiar. “Where are we?”

Then everyone fell from the sky.


Thankfully, they didn’t have to fall far…

because Monstro the giant whale from Pinocchio opened wide under them!

“Thankfully?” @CaptainjaKCsparrow @nevarmaor @akionna @amrath @sft1965 @Dr-Zoidberg Mila the Tinkerbell, Proteus and Hu Tao all yelled at @sleepyhead, who shrugged

“Okay, so maybe getting eaten by a giant whale is worse than splatting hard on the ground…”


“Hi” said a small, high-pitched, wooden-sounding voice.

Everyone jumped 3 feet in the air – except for Mila Tinkerbell who was already hovering 3 feet in the air, she jumped about an inch and a half.

“Umm, who are you?” asked @sleepyhead when he had recovered his breath.

“I’m Pinocchio. I’m trying to get back to my father, Gepetto. He made me.”

“He made you?” asked @Dr-Zoidberg suspiciously.

“Yes, he made me. I’m a wooden boy! Look!” And saying that a small wooden figurine stepped out of the shadows. “Help me find my keys and I can drive us all home.”

As Pinocchio said this his nose started to get longer. “Uh oh” he said. “I should never tell a lie.”

“No, no, keep lying!” said @CaptainjaKCsparrow. “I have an idea.”

“What do I say?” asked Pinocchio. “I have never been good at lying.” And with that his nose got longer.

“How did you end up here?” asked @nevarmaor, sensing that this Pinocchio loved to spin a yarn.

“Well, I was saving the Princess from the Black Knight …” and his nose got even longer and longer. Soon it was so long it was touching the roof of the cavern they were trapped in inside the whale. It wiggled back and forth as it poked the whale over and over and over …

Suddenly …


Everyone lurched and fell over.

The stench was awful. All that gas came up from the whale’s stomach.

“The smell is divine!” Pinocchio’s nose grew another foot, stabbing the whale’s throat.

“Stop talking you liar!” @CaptainjaKCsparrow punched the wooden wannabe.

“You told him to keep talking!” Proteus gasped. “Make up your mind!”

Then the whale opened its mouth and burped.

“Hold on!” Hu Tao hugged his friend.

“Thar she blows!” @nevarmaor closed his eyes.

“Gross!” @sleepyhead shuddered.

Everyone went flying. Out of the whale and into …


… a giant ice cream sandwich!


Suddenly everyone is happy. Hu Tao is riveted by the concept of frozen smoothies until he is startled by whimpering and howls from some heroes (who really should just cop it on the chin). “Brain freeze this must be about -40 degrees” (for convenience because -40 is the same in both measures)

“Is this a practical joke” (collectively)

Hu Tao just stands by, takes some notes and gets back to some real heroes food: Bamboo, food for champions (Hu Tao smiles to himself)

But nearby things seem to be happening…


… Proteus was sinking into the ice cream!

Flippery, finny legs kicked around as he struggled to get out!

“My dear Proty!” @sleepyhead cried as his most important hero (sssh don’t tell Seshat or Lepus or Hansel) sank into the mushy sweet dessert…


But Proteus seems to disappear…

Lost in the strawberry layer thinks Hu Tao, Proteus has a new skill!!"

“Can disappear when swallowed by strawberry ice cream”. “Can be dispelled by a fire hero”…


Sleepyhead’s eyes lit up. “Shall I call Lancey-poo? Or JF? Or…”

@akionna hit him on the head with a frying pan.

@sft1965 considered. “Maybe the Red hero we need is…”


“Me!” roared Azlar, torching the giant ice cream spectacle.

Then everyone was drenched in a sweet, sugary mess … followed by mini infernos.

“My feet are on fire!” @nevarmaor tried to stomp out his flaming toes.

“My face is cold!” Proteus gasped for air.

“Melted ice cream plus burnt hair …” @sleepyhead shuddered. “Bad combination.”

“Smell cannot be cleansed.” Hu Tao carefully wrote in his notebook. “Extreme smoothie required.”

“How about a blue hero?” @sft1965 wondered out loud. “Someone to …”


… cleanse? Shall I call Raffy?" @sleepyhead 's eyes sparkled again.

@akionna handed the frying pan to @amrath , who hit @sleepyhead on the head.

“I know!” said @sft1965 . “we need… Glenda!”

The fairy godmother type hero appeared in a swirl of fluffy blue feathers. “Oh my, oh my! What have we got here?”


A small pumpkin rolled to a stop. Then it started growing, bigger and rounder, until pop!

The giant fruit exploded, and out stepped Cinderella.

“My carriage is decimated,” she muttered, wiping mushy orange glops off her face.

“Who are you dearie?” Glenda waved her wand at the blonde mess in front of her.

“I am your beloved goddaughter!” Cinderella sniffed. “You owe me a new dress and a castle.”

“Whoa.” Proteus nudged Hu Tao. “I don’t remember her being so bi–”

Frying pans circled overhead, excited to clobber the Atlantis hero into 2021.

“Does that rhyme with itchy?” @sft1965 grinned.

“Cinderella needs to be cleansed of her personality …” Hu Tao flipped to a new page.

“Are we allowed to add fairytale elements?” @sleepyhead frowned.

“Why not?” @nevarmaor shrugged. “Also I need some magic to heal my burnt toes.”

“I got magic.” It was a new voice. It was …


… Raffaele!

Raffaele grabbed Sleepyhead and pulled him close. “I’ve missed you, you sexy beast you.”

“Careful!” Sleepyhead screeched. But it was too late! A frying pan hit Raffaele on the head, and another rammed him in the stomach, knocking him out of the story!

Sleepyhead began to back away slowly.

“Let’s do it again, shall we? I got magic!” this new voice was…



And he was not happy.

“I will cleanse your little feet.” He flicked a wrist and @nevarmaor’s feet instantly cooled, burnt toes healing to a rosy pink.

“I do not have little feet!” @nevarmaor hollered, just in case people got the wrong idea. “I got big–”

Frying pans zoomed happily. Rigard hissed, and the pans wavered. Wasn’t @nevarmaor about to summon a moderator by almost saying something inappropriate?

“Oh Rigs!” @sleepyhead blinked in surprise. “You control the diabolical pans?”

“I do more than that.” Rigard smiled slowly.

“Uh oh.” @sft1965 looked for a quick escape. “He has the costume bonus. But he also has a secret power.”

“What is it, eh?” @nevarmaor wiggled happy toes at everyone. “Tell us.”


“I have the power of the neighborhood.” Rigs slowly enunciated. “Let me just put my cardigan on and I will show you.”

Mr. Rigsers took off his overcoat and hung it up. Then he took down his cardigan and put it on, carefully buttoning it all the way up. “You know, you should never have a mean or impure thought, boys and girls, that can lead to all kinds of trouble and furious frying pans. We don’t want that to happen now, do we? Ok, let’s go see what Mr. Mailman brought for us today.”


Sleepyhead stammered. Was this the Rigard he knew, with the cheeky grin that appeared whenever Sleepyhead did that thing he liked so much, the Rigard that always promised that other special thing was something between only the two of them?

Sleepyhead’s eyes began to roll up in his head as he remembered…

… and as if on cue, a frying pan whacked him on the behind. HARD!

“OW! you *bleeeeeeeepin-!”

And another frying pan whacked him on the head.

He fell like a bag of bricks.

Mr. Rigsers wagged his finger. “What did I tell you, boys and girls?”


J-F looked thoughtfully confused. “is this roleplay? I don’t understand, we’re not in private …” and a flotilla of frying pans dive bombed his poor feathered hat. “This is so not what I remember!” he said as he dived behind cover.

Gormek (wait, what? Gormek!) looked behind him at the cowering J-F. “Ain’t you just the tiniest snivelling morsel.” He grabbed J-F by the scruff of the neck and lifted him up high. “Hey Chef Boldtusk. Whaddaya think we can do wit’ dis one?”

But Chef Boldtusk was holding up his frying pan and staring intently into it. “I see William, and I see Linda. I see Michael and you, too Patsy.”

@CaptainjaKCsparrow looked over at @akionna and shrugged. “What is going on with these costumes?”


i don’t remember the name of the kids show with the mirror, but I remember loving it!!! Was it Magic Mirror?i


Romper Room. I loved it as a kid myself.

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