WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

Morgan threw up.

“Are you allergic to panda?” Onatel tried to raise an eyebrow. The blindfold got in the way.

Domitia snorted, banana smoothie coming out of her nose. “Oh noooooooo!” She started backing away. “You forgot to match the ugly stone!”

Morgan snarled but whipped out her compact mirror. There it was, the evil rice ball with fangs:

This hero is cursed.

Then @nevarmaor started hooting and hollering with glee. “Guys, you gotta see this!”

“Where did he go?” @CaptainjaKCsparrow looked around.

“He’s on the roof …” Proteus pointed to the clouds. “Level 51.”

“The secret level?” @sleepyhead gasped. “The one where …”


“… where the unidentified flying ascension mat is? The one that rumour has it can level up any hero? We need to investigate this!”

@akionna started handing out masks. “We will need these to blend in.”


“I thought we were fighting ninjas, not aliens?” @sleepyhead scratched his head. Which he usually does when sleepy, but also when confused.

“Those are alien ninjas!” Proteus quivered. “That’s why they’re so OP and that’s why they have that special mana charge thingie…”

“I thought it was just power creep,” @CaptainjaKCsparrow shrugged.

“No…” Proteus lowered his voice conspiratorially. “These alien ninjas have come because…”


“… they seek …”

A thousand orange lanterns floated down, crushing poor Proteus.

Just then, a bell dinged, and doors slid open.

“Let’s go!” @nevarmaor waved his arms theatrically. “I’ve been waiting forever!”

“Where did you come from?” @sleepyhead scratched his head again.

Hu Tao woke up, his health restored. Then he blinded Onatel and Morgan. He shoved extra lanterns over their heads. Then he dropped some angry rice balls inside the lanterns.

He was not a happy panda.

He kicked lanterns off Proteus. “Let’s go.”

“Finally!” @nevarmaor grinned. “This elevator will take us to the top!”

“Why do you have …” @CaptainjaKCsparrow pointed to Hu Tao. “… a rocket launcher?”


Hu Tao snarled.

“I hate ninjas, and I hate aliens!”

“I get the hate for Aliens,” Sleepyhead scratched his head. “But why ninjas?”

“Oh, you should not have asked that,” trembled Proteus again.

Hu Tao turned around. “The ninja army humiliated the panda kingdom centuries ago! We always swore we would get REVENGE!”

Hu Tao was so angry, he nearly dropped his rocket launcher.

“but… what did they DO?” @akionna asked.

Hu Tao opened his mouth…


“Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this but, many many years ago the Panda Kingdom had a distinguished and well-earned reputation as the scourge of the seas. We charged taxes on all foreign ships sailing in our waters … and ALL waters were ours!”

“But we were fair in our tax gathering. We never took ALL of what was due to us.”

“Then the ninjas came and attacked for no reason at all. It was horrible. They soared over the rooftops and scaled the walls and launched into the trees surrounding our villages.”

“And they sank all our boats!”

“Now, the Panda Kingdom is impoverished. Why do you think I am out here in the world fighting for coins? They all get sent back to feed my family, and my neighbours, and their neighbours. There are hundreds of us out here doing everything we can to earn scraps to send back home. All because of those Ninjas.”

“Now it’s time for some revenge!”

Hu Tao stepped into the elevator. “Are you coming?”


“In that case …” @akionna started muttering. “Hands out!”

Everyone froze as objects started flying.

Proteus squealed when a bucket of grenades landed nearby. “I’m allergic to explosives!”

Hu Tao grunted. “The pins are in.”

A set of shiny katanas went sailing overhead. @nevarmaor caught them easily. “Nice!”

Something massive rolled to a stop:


@CaptainjaKCsparrow grimaced. “That won’t fit in the elevator.”

Hu Tao grinned. “It’ll fit in my pocket.”

And it did. Somehow.

“What’s the plan?” @sleepyhead asked.


:one::five: hearts for including the Fez :grin:


Everyone crammed into the elevator. Up they went.

Up, up, and up.

For 10 minutes straight.

“This is the slowest elevator ever!” @CaptainjaKCsparrow grumbled.

“What’s that smell?” Proteus hid under his hanky.

“Someone had a bean burrito for lunch …” Hu Tao took a deep breath (and regretted it).

“Not me.” @sleepyhead shook his head. “Too many carbs.”

The elevator finally stopped. The doors slid open, everyone falling out, desperate for fresh air.

“Where are the ninjas?” Hu Tao whipped out his rocket launcher.

“This doesn’t look like the rooftop at all.” @nevarmaor frowned.

“Where did the elevator take us?” Proteus whispered.


Out of the shadows stepped…

Hu Tao bristled. “Aliens! Ninjas!”

Everyone raised their weapons!

The alien ninjas drew their weapons!

“Ah ah!” @akionna waved her finger chidingly… and the weapons flew out of the aliens’ hands!

The aliens burst out laughing.

“Like dude, that all you got?” said the one with the red bandana.

“Nice try, but…” laughed the orange bandana one.

“Try to beat THIS!” The Purple bandana one pressed a button. The wall slid open, and out popped…


“That’s a really fancy flashlight.” Hu Tao smiled slowly. Then he aimed his rocket launcher and …


“Whoa buddy.” @nevarmaor kicked some rubble away.

“It’s powered with righteous indignation.” Proteus volunteered.

“Watch out!” @sleepyhead yelled.


Turtle shells began flying everywhere!

“Duck!” @CaptainjaKCsparrow yelled.

“Where?” @nevarmaor asked. “I want those valor points… OW!” A turtle shell clocked him on the head, and he collapsed.

“Not that kind of duck! This kind of duck!” Proteus screeched as he dove behind Hu Tao.

“I know what to do !” Sleepyhead whistled… and out of nowhere, Aegir showed up and used his special!

“Ohh, so that’s what a defense buff feels like,” @akionna giggled as a turtle shell hit HER on the head. “It tickles!”

“And that’s what shared damage feels like,” smiled Hu Tao as he also felt the little tickle.

“Where did YOU come from?” @CaptainjaKCsparrow asked.

“I was Sleepyhead’s first ever 5*,” Aegir smiled. Well, he tried to, but his face muscles were all frozen stiff. “We formed a special bond, even though he did ascend Lepus before he ascended me…”

“We’ve been over that,” Sleepyhead patted Aegir affectionately on the shoulder. “I prioritized offense over defense… I also ascended Seshat before Aeron, you know. And I did ascend YOU first over Isarnia, and you’ve been an amazing tank ever since. My undisputed tanky 5*.”

Mollified, Aegir finally cracked out a teeny tiny smile.

“I hate to spoil this touching moment…” @nevarmaor sat up. “But look!”


“A giant robot is attacking us!” Proteus gasped.

“My rocket launcher is ready …” Hu Tao grimaced.

“Where did that robot come from?” asked @nevarmaor.

“Maybe from that?” @sleepyhead pointed to a shimmery door. “Is that Valhalla?”


Before anyone could answer, Thor came crashing through!

“How DARE you!” he shouted, in a rage!

Everyone stopped what they were doing. Then, they all pointed at the robot. “It was her!”

“Hey wait, how do you know the robot is a her?” The red-bandana ninja alien asked. “I don’t see ANY defining characteristics…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Thor crashed through the robot!

“Oh, well, never mind.”


Said the slightly angry robot. “Who is this unworthy hero who thinks he can just career around everywhere?” “Thor is supposed to be powerful but all he has given me is thor legs (thinks the robot) and it has given me a pain in the diodes down my left side”…


The robot couldn’t stand it anymore… so she called Sif!

Sif popped in, all mildly floaty and looking up and tiptoeing.



And there lay on the floor, the mighty Thor… squirming in agony from his impact against the metal monster.

Sif was angry. “How dare you hurt my husband and call me here.” She used her special to help Thor recover a bit. But alas, Sif’s special doesn’t help with healing. It is useful during battle, not after taking damage. So, she lifted her dear husband in her arms and came running towards our heroes. “Help my husband!” she wailed.

Unfortunately, our healer friends - Hawkmoon, Sabina and L. Wooly - are not around. (And C. Rigard is still angry with @sleepyhead for calling Aegir and not him.) So, @akionna offered to help. Both Sif and her tended to Thor’s injuries the old fashioned way while he lay unconscious there.

The flying robot which got impatient in the meantime started running towards them in order to attack them. And along with it came a horde of robot army - ninja robots.

“What are those things?” Hu was surprised to see these things. “They are Ninja Robots”, added @nevarmaor. “We’ve crossed the level 50 remember? These are the advanced ninjas we will face here.”

“Oh God. How can we tackle those things? They are huge!” said @sleepyhead, “I don’t think any E&P hero has the powers enough to destroy such huge metallic robots - much less an army of them with ninja skills!”

“I know how to do it”

It was a new voice for everyone - except @akionna. She turned towards the direction from which the voice came. “Joe!” She exclaimed, “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in school!”

“Mom! I am here to save you and your friends.” said Joe, “Also, those are flying robots there. All they have in school is books.”

(So, for the purposes of referencing in the story, @akionna’s kid is going to be referred to as ‘Joe’ - the reason behind this choice of name becomes clear in just a couple of more lines.)

“Joe! Get out of here quickly. This is dangerous even for us.” @akionna ran towards Joe leaving a bandage half wrapped around Thor’s wrist. Sif was shouting for @akionna to complete the bandage.

“Mom, you need to know something about me.” said Joe. “Actually, I think it’s better if I introduced to my friends.”

Suddenly… Joe transformed into a 16-year old teenage boy and he was joined two more similarly aged teens - a boy and a girl.

“What in the name of heaven is happening??” Everyone looked astonished.

Joe gave a proud smile, “Now, it’s time to introduce those evil robots to the actual ninja robot - the shadow robot and my friend - Cybertron”

A music started playing in the background … …. …

As everyone watched in shock, Joe went inside Cybertron and started controlling it with great ease. He summoned more robots for our heroes to enter and operate…

This is probably the first show on Cartoon Network that introduced anime - and specifically, the mecha genre to an entire generation of kids in India. Everyone loved it. What’s not to love. It has Ninjas, Robots, Space Travel, fights, practically everything that young boys wanted to watch. :laughing: I remember hurrying back from school just in time to catch this show. Listening to this intro music brought back some nostalgic memories. :slight_smile:


Are you quoting Hitchhikers?? :rofl:


“NO @Rook, that’s the diagnosis of her/his Physician” said the lovely Vivica, as she diagnosed @sft1965 'diiodes" from a safe distance.

“I need some help in here!” bellowed the yellow strumpet and as quick as a flash, in walked…


“Hold up!” Teenage Joe morphed into a little kid. “What’s a strumpet?”

“Errr …” Proteus waved his hanky helplessly. “This brave panda warrior will explain …”

“Nope, I’m getting into a giant robot!” Hu Tao sniffed. “I’m not explaining the birds or–”

“The bees?” Kvasir grinned. “I got this!”

A frying pan sizzled and smacked Kvasir unconscious.

@CaptainjaKCsparrow winced. “A strumpet is …”


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