WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

“hey!” Sleepyhead said. “I am not a s*x-crazed h0rndog! And even if I were, consent is the most important thing!”

“Yeah!” said Sleepyhead’s harem, which had grown exponentially since the last time they appeared in this thread, what with the increasing pace of new hero release (seriously, just check the chronological list to see the increasing pace)!

“Now that you’re done complaining about me, I’m going to bed,” Sleepyhead winked as he grabbed Aramis around the waist, caressed Junaid’s bare arm, and slapped Elkanen in his second costume on the behind…

@Pike just rolled his eyes. “What a h0rndog…” he said.

@Pandita sighed. “We have to save Sleepy from himself. I know just the thing…”


“I don’t think so.” said Pike. “I will retire and become a hermit. I have to think about myself, the game and the meaning of life. For this I will give away all my possessions, renounce alcohol and physical desires. So farewell my friends. I will never forget you.”


“Is this about your six emoji?” @PlayForFun asked. “Because you have a game die now, which is the same, just represented differently!”


“Well, maybe that’s a reason too.” Pike said. “I was too immodest. In a perfect world, that wouldn’t have happened. In a perfect world, every player would have the fives they wished for, there were no war, alcohol didn’t give headaches and chocolate didn’t make you fat, @sleepyhead was a girl and married me, mods couldn’t count zero and trolls only existed in the game. Only @Mistress_of_Shadows would be as she is.”


Sleepyhead began to blush. “Tee-hee, that is the best compliment I’ve gotten in a while!”

The reaction from Sleepy’s harem was swift.

“But I love your eyes!” Junaid knelt in front of Sleepy.

“And I love your strong, manly, but gentle hands,” Elkanen v2 (or is that v3) kissed Sleepy’s hands.

“And I, your lean yet muscular torso,” Lancelot caressed Sleepy’s chest.

“And I, your strong arms that lift me up,” Caedmon jumped into Sleepy’s arms.

“And I, your lovely firm round behind,” Colen licked his lips.

“Oh stop, all of you,” Sleepy blushed.

“Ahem,” @Pike harrumphed. “Perfect world, remember?!?!”


“Maybe there is no real perfect world as it would be different for everyone. I should also think about it in my loneliness.” said Pike thoughtfully.

Suddenly he started laughing out loud. “Just kidding!” he called, opening a bottle of beer and draining it in one gulp. Then he belched and slapped @sleepyhead on the lower back, causing a distinct grumbling in the harem.


But before any harem members could challenge @Pike to a duel for Sleepyhead’s assets, suddenly a rain of summon tokens fell from the sky!

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Suddenly a whining noise from the basement ………


Devs and mods met in a video conference on the darknet, their faces and voices filtered.
“A thread is getting out of control. It’s embarrassing that it was started by a mod.”
“Where is the problem?”
“There are signs of violations of the forum rules.”
“Which type?”
“You know, the kind you don’t address.”
“Paying mods!?”
“No, worse. Sxx!”
“And now?”
“We have to do something! But just closing the thread would be too flashy. We have to get it back on the right track!”
Endless discussions followed and in the end there was an agreement.

Had a certain wise bard known what was happening, he would have gone berserk.

Elena, Vivica and Richard found themselves in a meadow.
“Ok, new tasks! Where can I hit my hammer?” said Richard. He swung his hammer over his head to emphasize his question. At least he tried. A lumbago nipped the attempt in the bud.
“You’re supposed to be careful! We’re not the youngest anymore!” said Vivica and cast a healing spell. “Where’s your costume anyway?”
“Home. That’s not me.” he grumbled.
“It doesn’t look like a new season.” Elena thought. “What was our new job again?”
“Create order! Let’s go!” shouted Richard, carefully raising his hammer.


“Order?!” Elena raised an eyebrow. “Are you talking like an authoritarian fascist now?”

Richard began tapping his hammer, and smiling uncharacteristically evilly. “Order will make the world much better.”

“Your voice is different!” Vivica gasped. “It sounds like…”

“Dr. Moreau, at your service,” Richard smiled. He ripped of his costume to reveal Moreau!

“Oh, you’re going to get it!” the real Richard jumped out from behind a tree, swinging his hammer.

“Yes, indeed. Time for my vengeance!” Elizabeth followed, sending her fiends at Moreau!

Moreau shrieked and…



“He’s allergic to spiders,” muttered Elena. “That was overkill.”

“No, this is!” Richard grinned and clobbered Moreau with his giant hammer.

“He was already unconscious!” gasped Vivica.

“Why am I here?” asked Elizabeth, blinking suspiciously.

“We really don’t know,” grumbled Richard.

“I have a Reset button!” Vivica waved a giant red object. “If we press it …”

Elena threw one of her many swords at it. Vivica ducked just in time. Richard chuckled when Elizabeth screeched and promptly disappeared.

“What happened?” Vivica peered through her fingers.

“I deleted Season Three!” Elena smiled. “What’s next?”


“You mean Season 4, right?” Vivica tutted. “Remember, Sleepyhead doesn’t have a single season 4 5* but DOES have one season 3 5*. Can you imagine how he will react if Bera disappears…”

A pained, mournful wail erupted from off in the distance.

Elena paled, and Vivica smacked her forehead.

“Oh, I don’t think that was Sleepy,” Richard winked. “I’ve heard him screech before.” Taking out his phone, Richard called. “Hey, Joon, are you with Sleepy now?”

“Oh yes, he’s showering,” came the reply. “He’s wiggling what his momma gave him in a very…”

“Ahem, I’m not alone. Thanks.” Richard hung up, and smiled at Elena and Vivica, who were both dumbstruck. “You’re one of the harem???” They asked.

Richard just shrugged.

“But wait, who made that awful wail then?” Vivica asked.


Hu Tao burst into the room, waving his arms, dropping his notes everywhere.

“Give me a second–” he gasped, holding his side.

“Are you lost?” huffed Richard, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you dumb?” growled Hu Tao. “How could you?”

“It was me,” sighed Elena. “I deleted Season 4 just now.”

“You deleted Atlantis!” shouted Hu Tao. “Don’t you know your seasons?”

“Too many new heroes …” shrugged Elena. “I can’t keep up.”

“Good point,” murmured Vivica.

“So who was wailing?” asked Richard.

“That was Proteus!” whimpered Hu Tao. “Just before he vanished!”


this time, another wail was heard. And Richard stiffened (heh heh heh). as if he had been dunked in cold water.

“Oh no, now THAT is Sleepyhead,” Richard muttered.

Vivica buried her head in her hands.

Richard’s phone began ringing like crazy. "Ugh, now I have to decline calls from Kingston… and Junaid… and Lancey… and… I’m being flooded by pics and vids from the guys showing Sleepyhead throwing a tantrum, smashing things, and jumping up and down yelling “Where’s Proty??!”

Hu Tao, Richard, Vivica and Richard’s dragon all glared angrily at Elena.


@akionna it’s so cool having you write again! high five for collaboration! I missed this!


Elena blinked slowly, wondering why the deleted seasons mattered at all.

“Weren’t we trying to create order?” she asked. “Simplify things?”

“That doesn’t mean you delete my best friend!” sniffed Hu Tao, his nose runny. “Where’s his handkerchief when I need it?”

“I’m sure we can fix this …” Vivica ripped off the useless red cape behind her skirt. “Here, blow gently.”

Hu Tao blew two giant holes into the fabric.

“Maybe we just need another Reset button to undo all the chaos,” said Richard. “My giant hammer is better than Elena’s swords anyway.”

Elena should have snapped at Richard. Swung a sword at least. But she was quiet. Too quiet.

“What did you do?” gasped Vivica.

Elena only grinned.


“Uh, Richard, maybe you should check if all your parts are still intact…” Vivica said quietly

“What do you mean, I…” Richard felt himself up. Then he screamed at Elena. “You took away my…!”


Elena chuckled. “So you wear spandex under all that?”

“Hey, Lululemon makes my butt look good!” Richard growled. “Where is my armor, you heathen?”

“Please cover that … thing!” Vivica gasped, pointing between his legs.

“What thing?” asked Elena, squinting at Richard. “He’s not very interesting to look at without his armor or hammer …”

“You took my hammer too?” Richard grimaced, shaking the small wooden object at her. “Is this your practice sword?”

“I don’t care about your big hammer!” Hu Tao sputtered, throwing the mangled red cape to him. “Cover your little hammer!”

Just then @sleepyhead burst into the scene. “I need Proteus back!”

Elena smiled slowly. “Which legendary are you willing to give up?”


Sleepyhead fixed Elena with a stare. Then that stare transformed into a grimace. And he took on a crazed look in his eyes, one that not even Sir Lancelot had seen at 3am in the morning. It was a truly frightening thing.

He whispered, and the sound was enough to make Richard’s little hammer shrink, Vivica to stumble, Vivica’s dragon to whimper, and Hu Tao’s smoothie to curdle. And Elena… Elena’s world crumbled.

“I’m willing to give YOU up,” Sleepyhead said.


@akionna @sleepyhead You two are so good that I don’t even want to get involved. I’ll sit back and just enjoy. :upside_down_face: