WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

“Maybe we can move to the front of the line!?” Proteus had some hope again.
“What for? To get stuck in some roster again? Or to be fed? No, there has to be another way.” HuTao mused.
“Maybe we can dress up?” asked Proteus cautiously.


“I have the perfect costume for you, Proteus!”

30 seconds later…


“Wait” said Proteus. That costume looks familiar …

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY COSTUME!” a high-pitched voice wailed out from the distance. “Mnesseus! Get over here and help me!”

Hu Tao backed up, hands held high. “I did not have any hands on it, I swear.”

Proteus backed up too, muttering “and that veil would have made such a nice hanky, too.”


“Don’t you have plenty of those?” Melia asked.

“Yes, but one can always have more.” Proteus said.

“Just make sure that none comes from me, or my sister will come looking for you.” Melia said.

“You have a sister?” Hu Tao asked.

“I do. Ariel. And she doesn’t like it when people mess with her little sister.” Melia said to Proteus.

“Better not mess with the royal family.” Another voice said. It was Costume Wilbur.


“How are you even here?!” Proteus snapped at Wilbur.

“I can hold my breath a very long time,” Wilbur laughed. “not like him…”

Everyone turned to see Hu Tao splashing around…


Splashing around in the Atlantis Water. Everyone from there gasped.

“Does he realize that he’ll anger the wrath of Poseidon?” Melia asked.

“Poseidon, maybe, but definitely someone worse.” Mnesseus said.

“How worse?” @sleepyhead asked the Atlantis heroes.

The Atlantis heroes didn’t want to say. Then a whirlpool happened and everyone was trapped in and fell below the water.

There, everyone sees Hu Tao, without his smoothie, and it was held by Ursena, who then drinks it, and laughs.

“Uh oh.” @akionna said. “What is it?” Wilbur asked. “Let’s just say, Hu Tao goes on a rampage if one drinks his smoothie.” Hu Tao then started knocking everything over.


Ursena was oblivious to all the commotion. She slurped the last of the smoothie, sighing happily.

“That was delicious Hu Tao!” Ursena grinned.

Everyone froze. Was the final boss of season 2 actually smiling?

“What does your heart desire sweet panda?” she crooned.

Proteus gasped. “Is she being nice?”

“Perhaps handkerchiefs in every color for your handsome friend?”

Ursena snapped her fingers. Fabrics rained down in every color, every pattern.

Proteus squealed in delight. “Thank you my queen!”

Hu Tao knocked over Wilbur and @sleepyhead. He opened his mouth, then snapped it shut. Then he whirled around to @Photon.

“Should I ask for a Sherman tank?”


“Make sure it’s not yellow,” Sleepyhead whispered

@Pike ‘s eyes lit up. “Oh, you mean so Ursena can’t reflect it!”

“Shhh!” Everyone snapped.

But ursena had heard. “Do you really think I would give you the means to destroy me?!” She cackled


Pike realized he was back in the thick of things. Recently, he was sitting in his lounge chair on the beach sipping his whisky sour. Hawaii was beautiful at this time of year. And suddenly he was … where actually?
And there they were again. The choleric panda and his hanky-fixated friend. And Ursena!? Why!? Couldn’t they have left him in his lounge chair? How could he get back now?
“Any other wishes?” came Ursena’s voice.
Pike saw his chance. “Yes!”
“A bamboo smoothie!” shouted Hu Tao.
Pike gasped…


“Not bamboo! It makes you fat!”

Everyone gasped

hu tao towered over @Pike

“Did you call me fat?!”

Proteus clutched his rainbow collection of hankies and fainted

But suddenly, @NicoX and @sleepyhead appeared…


“In all fairness, this panda is indeed showing all the signs of morbid obesity,” whispered NicoX to @sleepyhead, unaware of the tense situation he was facing.

Hu Tao’s acute sense of hearing didn’t fail to catch these unflattering words and turned his attention to the still oblivious NicoX.

“QUIT YOUR SHAMELESS FLIRTING!” yelled @sleepyhead in a sudden burst of anger.

“Whatnow? Your definition of ‘flirting’ never ceases to confuse me. Besides, I meant no offense. All pandas are sort of fat,” replied a befuddled and teary-eyed NicoX.

“WE ARE NOT FAT, WE’RE JUST THICK-BONED!” shouted Hu Tao out of the top of his lungs, blinded by rage, his mana bar raising at an alarming rate.

Displaying his legendary bravery once again, NicoX fled the room, leaving @Pike at the mercy of the combined wrath of @sleepyhead and Hu Tao.


“Why does @NicoX always have to neg?” @Pike sobbed. “He’s always negging me too!”

“Cry about it later, when we’re not about to be squashed by two tons of panda!” @sleepyhead snapped.

This was absolutely the wrong thing to say.

“Are you saying I am HEAVY?!” Hu Tao, pumped up rage and lacking smoothies to calm him down (I knew there was something “calming” in that smoothie, wink wink!) went berserk and…


Meanwhile, Proteus strolled around a bit. He had seen something in the background, in the direction the heroes for the portal were coming from. As he got closer, he recognized doors. Doors in the Nothing!

The first was very prestigious, with a gold plaque saying ‘Owners Only’. Another door said ‘Staff only’. But one fascinated him the most. ‘Moderators only’.

Hesitantly he opened it a crack. It smelled like hay, catnip and… sulfur!?

In the background he recognized a strange machine with the inscription ‘P4F clone maker, not ready for series production’ when suddenly a black shadow flitted through the room and a voice hissed ‘Close the door!’.

He could just make out one thing before the door slammed shut. The tracking & teleporting device! A chance to get out of here!


Beware the catnip and sulfur! :grin:


Proteus turned to look at Hu Tao, who was chasing poor @Pike and Sleepyhead through a series of doors. You know, just like in the cartoons

“Ah, I know what to do!” Proteus grinned. He quickly whipped up a smoothie and began waving it over his head.

“Hu Tao, look what I’ve got!”

Hu Tao perked up, and Sleepyhead and @Pike took the opportunity to jump through a door and lock it behind them.

Proteus tossed the smoothie into the door leading to the teleporter device…

… Hu Tao jumped in after it…

… and with a grin, Proteus followed!