WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

@sleepyhead had fortunately twisted at just the last moment to save his butt, but the sauna has been blown to smithereens.

Proteus is distraught. “my hot tub has been destroyed! Never again he shouts @nevarmaor. No more smoothies for you”

@nevarmaor says quietly “I generally don’t go clean shaven”

“Whut?” exclaims @akionna, “gravel rash just looks embarrassing”. (covering her chin discretely)

@sft1965 says “goblin balloon? It only has a 3 star motor and that pilot Zocc just looks questionable imo.”

Toxicandra turns positively red causing @Photon some alarm (and quiet delight).

@Mistress_of_Shadows has unfolded a beach chair (where did THAT come from?) and is chugging beers and eating popcorn.

@Pike just stands there to see what else unfolds.

@SamMe tosses her new blue locks and says who cares? Oh wait, new intel from the front in Helsinki…'SG now work from home, repeat work from home". “Oh my, she continues we now have 60 plus targets… Code word: Ferrari”
“can someone help me with this code?”

Purple Hu Tao says, “yes I can, I stole costume Gormek’s new abacus”. “I am the master of 10 digit numeric code! How hard can the Finish alphabet be?”

@sleepyhead says, “it uses letters you numbskull and Finish contains virtually no vowels”

Arguments ensue and even poor Mila is forgotten about for a moment…


… but not for long!

While all the arguing and popcorn-eating was going on, the floor collapsed!

Everyone crashed into… into…

A giant sauna!


It didn’t take long for everyone to get up. Popcorn was everywhere.
@Pike had saved the most important thing: @Mistress_of_Shadows beer! It was Kiril Brew.
@nevarmaor was the quickest to review the situation. They were in a Finnish sauna! Have they already been to Helsinki?
“You have to take off your clothes in a sauna.” said @sleepyhead


But the popcorn was oddly soggy.

@sft1965 comments to @Mistress_of_Shadows, “Pernod is the only civilized drink I know after Coopers Stout.”

@SamMe continues “I swear i don’t want to be here; right city, inappropriate location (holding a towel tightly)”. “this is going to give me sleepless nights for months and not in a good way…”

@Mistress_of_Shadows and @samMe both exclaim (or variations thereof): “this is just gross but bart seems a cute wholesome kid”
@SamMe and @Mistress_of_Shadows then say simultaneously: “Quiet rainbow boy…” to @sleepyhead.


“Who’s Bart?” Sleepyhead perked up at the words “cute, handsome kid”. “I know a cute Dutch guy called Bart…”

Before anyone could react, @sft1965 handed Sleepy a bottle of oatmeal stout. “Focus, my friend. We’re here in Helsinki, we have our mission! To SG HQ!”


“Cowabunga, dude!” A short, jaundiced-looking child stood before the door. His slingshot was primed and aimed. “Don’t have a cow man!”

At that, a large bovine landed on a rather put-out monkey king.

Yes, I KNOW Princess What’s-Her-Name looks nothing like Wu Kong normally, but when flattened there is a resemblance between the two in the facial structure :grin:

Earthworm Jim turned to his trusty sidekick Peter Puppy. “If there was ever a time for your transformation, I think this is it.”

“But, Jim, are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Just look around, Peter. We are in deep doodoo here.” With that, the space-suited worm stomped on the little dog’s foot and then dove for cover (behind the cow).

“Uh oh …” exclaimed @nevarmaor, “I remember this show …”


@Pike looked stunned, his jaw almost touching the ground and his eyes popping out. He looked like he was trying hard to wake up from a very strange dream. What was actually going on in his brain, however, nobody knew, maybe it was just a dancing monkey. Or he was about to refute the theory of relativity. Who knows…


As Peter Puppy’s eyes bulged and steam started to issue from his ears, @nevarmaor slowly backed up, grabbing @akionna and @sleepyhead on the way. “Quick, hide” he urgently whispered. “That pup is about to go Graymane.”

“Graymane?” Graymane squealed. “Did you call?”

“Umm, sure. Want a scooby snack?” And nevarmaor tossed the snack in the direction of the ever-growing, steaming, snarling pup. “Go fetch.”


@sft1965 exclaims: "don’t trust your senses. @nevarmaor summoned a whale in the form of an over milked cow; the worm is a Trojan or worse I swear and followed up with a whimpier than normal Graymane. That cute little Bart kid cannot be trusted… "

Barts sister Lisa appears"

“Bart is useless, I can construct the uber weapon from plutonium that Bart has stolen from Homer (dad, but he is genetically morononic for being a man, bless his cotton socks)”

“Hu tao what is the range of your ultimate rocket launcher?”

“2 km maybe?”

“not good enough” retorts Lisa. 20 km is optimal.

Say what? exclaim @sleepyhead, @akionna, @SamMe, @Pike, @Photon virtually simultaneously. @nevarmaor, smh.

“I can construct a 2KT projectile that should take out 40 ‘Ferraris’ that should make the F2P rebellion swoon.”…


whale in the form of an overmilked cow, that is hilarious @sft1965


Before Hu Tao and Lisa could continue their argument…

out of the sea jumped a whale and a cow!

“I’m the more important animal to SG!” the whale… um… what sound do whales make… humpback-sang!

“No, I’M the more important one! I sustain their finances!” snapped the cow.


@sft1965 grabbed tightly onto his blanket. “Keep that puppy away from me! I do not want to be dragged all over the neighbourhood again!”

“You are such a blockhead!” muttered a cute girl wandering into the scene with a football under her arm.

Meanwhile, the cow ran up and grabbed Rana’s surfboard, yelling “Last one in the water is a dirty rotten patty!”

“Hey, Chuck, I’m not dirty or rotten, am I?” asked Peppermint Patty. “Now that guy, he is dirty.” She pointed to a swirling dust cloud on the horizon.


“Wait a minute!” @nevarmaor yelled. "“Why are we introducing so many new characters into our story?!”

Sleepyhead shrugged. “If SG can release like 25 new heroes a month, why can’t we?”


@Mistress_of_Shadows nearly choked on her popcorn. “How am I supposed to follow this shi–”

“Careful!” @Rook hissed.

“You thirsty kitty?” Then @Mistress_of_Shadows smiled … and dumped her beer on @Rookaccidentally.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH!” The entire forum gasped.

@sleepyhead tossed his emergency Reset Button at @Mistress_of_Shadows. “Hit it!”

“What about my overmilked whale-cow?!” howled @nevarmaor.

“Watch out for the Trojan worm …” @sft1965 winced as Hu Tao dropped his blender on it.

“Why are we blowing up 40 Ferraris?” wondered Proteus out loud.

But @Mistress_of_Shadows didn’t care. That black cat was emanating murderous vibes. So she hit the Reset Button. And watched something totally unexpected happen.


Belith was walking through the forrest thinking of @sft1965 who was thinking of Sonya…

When suddenly…


“Ah, hell no!” @sleepyhead snapped. “We are not starting over!”

“I don’t even show up until …” Hu Tao frowned at his notes.

“Go back to when I had a clean hanky!” Proteus waved the sad fabric.

“Were you thinking of me, sweetie pie?” Sonya twirled around … in an itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

“You are magnificent!” @sft1965 gasped. “I can’t, I can’t breathe–”

“Watch out!” @nevarmaor winced as a streak of black fur zipped by.

“I can hear your inappropriate thoughts!” hissed @Rook.

“Seriously!” @Mistress_of_Shadows groaned. “What is the plot?”

“Yoohoooooo!” @SamMe grinned. “I have the super duper ultra rocket launcher. The range is way more than 40 Ferraris!”

@sleepyhead nodded. “I know where to aim it!”


“The Two Towers!”

And driven by righteous rage and fury, and the wails of a million unhappy players, Sleepyhead took the super duper ultra rocket launcher and fired twice…

Once at the Tower of Magic,

and once at the Ninja Tower!


@Mistress_of_Shadows stared at the button in her hand, then turned and stared at @sleepyhead. “This did nothing. What kind of useless reset is that?”

@sleepyhead turned around. “What? I’m busy levelling the playing field for the F2P Rebellion!” He turned back to watch the two rockets as they unerringly soared straight towards their targets. “No more Towers” he cackled gleefully.

Just as the rockets looked ready to careen into them, the towers, suddenly dressed in green and white pantaloons, jumped out of the way.

“YES” screamed @nevarmaor. “I just pulled Kadilen’s costume!”

He looked up excitedly to see a sea of frowning faces glaring at him. “What? It was HA10! I love that feature!”

PS I wish I’d pulled Kadilen’s costume. I got Obakan’s.


Sleepyhead jabbed a finger at @nevarmaor .

“Don’t stop me from doing this for the players! Yang Mai, Elradir, Devana, Seshat, my HOTMs, to me!” And the three mana-generating element-linker HOTMs fed Sleepy with mana, while Seshat boosted his mana speed…

@sft1965 scratched his head. “My HOTMs, to me? He blatantly stole that from Professor X and the X-Men, didn’t he?”

But Sleepyhead didn’t care. Boosted with mana, he grabbed the rocket launcher and fired AGAIN!

The rockets flew true, one striking the Magic Tower and the other the Ninja Tower. And the two towers collapsed and crashed into each other!


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