WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

@sft1965 swoons visibly causing @sleepyhead some irritation…

Meanwhile 2 Beliths run out of the forest both shouting “@sft1965 is mine”. Then they both start shouting “he was mine first”. Belith #1 says to her twin “Then why did he give me this pretty costume and not you? Answer me that!”. Both Beliths suddenly raise their hands and slap each other but Belith #2 gets knocked silly.

Then from a different direction, 2 Azars, both in costumes run up shouting, @sft1965 is OURS and they cast their specials. Costume Belith visibly withers. “What have you done to me? I’ve lost half my mana”.

But it gets even worse. 2 costume bonus Sonyas dressed differently run up and tell the Azar and Belith twins quite forcefully. “Actually you four are all delusional. I was, we were, the first 4* Blues he ever pulled and we just knew then that we were his, he covets us. You might be Rare, but we are Epic!”

“Besides that” says Sonya #1, “He likes my leg armour”… Sonya #2 gives her twin a quizzical look and says “He told me he prefers me with my leg armour off…”

Thwack, she gets hit by one of @Rooks frying pans.

“In my gym leggings” she continues. “Sorry says @Rook, pre-emptive strike. My bad.”

“Poor dear dope can’t even get a breast plate off one handed”. Both look at him fondly.

Multiple frying pans are twitching all over the place.

When suddenly a new face appears. None other than @SamMe from the F2P rebellion.

Toxicandra whispers to @Photon. “I bet he used some lame line like: would you like to come and check out my inventory?”

“I’m here for the invasion of Helsinki. It’s what F2P rebels do!” responds @SamMe curtly and gives @sleepyhead a friendly nod.

@sft1965 is starting to look visibly uncomfortable (like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar).
Proteus is just hiding behind his hanky. “This is just dreadful”

“Hu Tao” mutters @sft1965. “Could you whip me up a refreshing Vegan smoothie. I’m not sure I like all this? Get GanJu to get some common herbs from my inventory and don’t let ShaJi near it, he messed up last time.”

HuTao prepares a delicious looking smoothy and hands it to @sft1965 who chugs it down in one gulp… 15 minutes later @sft1965 is looking a little wobbly and a tiny bit green.

@sleepyhead rushes up and demands to see the bag of common herbs that HuTao used. It reads, “Devils lettuce”. “We have that in the Netherlands too, what were you thinking GanJu? He has 18,000 common herbs and you had to pick out this?.”

HuTao dutifully makes a note about this strange lettuce and concludes it must be a bug in the new build V 41.0.0.

So, no Disneyland? Asks @nevarmaor with a tone of palpable disappointment.

Toxicandra thinks quietly that @sft1965 is far more handsome green…

@akionna speaks up. “Just prop him against a rock for a while, it’ll comfort him… He’ll be fine before the next post. We’ll be in Japan in no time. Aethers await.”

@SamMe just shakes her head…


“Wait,” @SamMe asks, “since when is Helsinki in Japan?”

“Oh, the F2P rebellion will have to wait.” replied @akionna. “We are off in search of 4* aethers.”

“No,” responded @nevarmaor. “We are off in search of Disneyland! Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk.”

“That is the worst Donald Duck impression ever” said SamMe.

“It was Goofy …” a crestfallen Nevarmaor said dejectedly.

“Well, you’ll never be Rich Little. Here this’ll cheer you up.” Hu Tao handed Nevarmaor a smoothie.

“WAIT, NO …” the still-green @sft1965 lurched towards the goblet as Nevarmaor raised it to his lips …


The goblet fell to the ground, shattering and sending a rainbow-colored liquid everywhere!


@nevarmaor got drenched, his t-shirt clinging to his well-defined abs. “Gross!” He ripped off his shirt, wiping smoothie off his body. “What the–”

In fact, the rainbow smoothie was cycling through all colors on our favorite Canadian. It finally settled on vomit green, much to Toxicandra’s delight.

“You’re stunning …” she purred. “I love your new skin color.”

“Stop flirting!” grumbled @Photon. “Dammit, my skin is red.”

“Ack!” Toxicandra recoiled in horror. “I’m allergic to you.”

Hu Tao shuffled away, cranky about his new color. Violet stained his fur, making him unrecognizable. Proteus was his best friend, but he did not want to be a Purple Panda. It was against everything holy.

@sft1965 closed his eyes, dreaming of Sonya … without costume … but with leggings. And nothing else. Yessssssss …

Reset, reset, reset!

He opened just one eye. @Rook had not noticed his improper thoughts. She had leapt away from the rainbow spray of smoothie. Now she was nimbly hopping around rainbow puddles. After all, why would she ever change color? Black suited her perfectly.

@SamMe flipped her beautiful hair, shaking smoothie loose. It was not enough. She was now a lovely shade of baby blue. She stomped her foot in annoyance. “I’m still planning that invasion!”

Of course, @sleepyhead was also shirtless, proving that all his gym workouts were, indeed, worthwhile. He was Bruce Lee shredded, muscles defined, rippling effortlessly.

He was the only one with ALL the colors. A true rainbow of glorious beauty.

Just then, everyone heard a new voice–

“Do you need my help?”


Can we get an episode with clothing? :grin:


Albert Hofman??? “I figured something strange was happening” says @sft1965.

“Who told you that?”

“Lucy, I think her name was. A girl with kaleidoscope eyes”.

@akionna groans “you drank from one of those pudddles you idiot”.

“Well, I had a dry mouth after that strange smoothie… It’s all HuTaos fault…”


A football landed in front of Hu Tao.

“I don’t have kaleidoscope eyes, blockhead!”

Everyone turned to see…


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