WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

The leader of the flock of ducks dropped down. “You called?” The leader asked. “Oh, we didn’t mean you.” @sleepyhead said. “But, we do have the Shoot 10 Ducks challenge today.” @nevarmaor added in. “Wait…you aren’t gonna do that…are you?” The leader asked. And everyone then redeemed their points for that day.


… but as they were in line for getting their points, a shadow fell across them…

everyone turned to see a flock of ducks, bent on getting revenge for their leader!


The flock filled the sky, blocking out the sun, the clouds, the horizon …

“I keep telling everybody you HAVE to hit all eleven ducks, otherwise the last one hurries back to warn the others” @nevarmaor sighed.


“We’ll take care of this!”

Zimkitha, Azlar, Cheshire Cat, and Faline stepped out of the shadows!


“I can bog them down” exclaimed Faline.

“I can burn them up” responded Azlar.

“I can boost our attack and cure my daddy” piped in Zimkitha.

“I can flip their position” injected Cheshire Cat grinning inchoately.

“Wait, how is flipping their position going to help?” asked @sleepyhead.

“Umm, maybe we should just get out of the line of fire” replied @nevarmaor. “Anybody got an umbrella?”


“i do!” Said Marcel. “He was holding an umbrella in one hand, and his head in the other.”

“And I don’t like being ignored!”

Everyone turned one way. “Ewwww is that his head?” Zimkitha screeched

The ducks landed in the opposite direction. “Ok, which one of you wise guys shot our leader?!” One asked threateningly

Without thinking, everyone pointed towards Marcel. “He did!”


“I’m baaaaaaaaaack!” @sft1965 waved to everyone enthusiastically, accidentally bopping Marcel’s head, which went flying into one duck, which knocked that duck into the next duck, causing utter mayhem, this domino effect of falling birds and fluttering feathers.

“What kind of awful run-on sentence is that?” grumbled @Photon.

“The very best kind!” grinned @sleepyhead. “Look!”

“Oh snap!” @nevarmaor chuckled. “Did all the ducks fall into one convenient pile?”

“Are they unconscious?” whispered Proteus.

“Watch out!” Hu Tao flattened his friend, slowly and carefully, without spilling his smoothie.

“Roast duck for dinner!” roared Azlar, shooting flames.

“Oh my!” @sft1965 grinned. “We’re still a bloodthirsty bunch.”

“Welcome back.” @Rook tossed a burnt duck his way. “What happens next?”


“Next, you give the head of our friend back!” Faline hissed.

“Now dear, we beat our duck enemies,” Zimkitha began. But Faline swiped at her!

“How dare you!” Azlar roared.

“Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight!” yelled @nevarmaor @sft1965 Sleepyhead @Photon
and … Cheshire Cat.

“Wait, what?” Proteus scratched his head.

“Why are you egging them on?”" hissed Rook. “We don’t want the others to think we cats can’t get along!”

Cheshire Cat grinned. “Because…”


“Because…whose there to control the chaos?” “Chaos? What do you mean chaos?” @Rook asked. “We cats can get along.” “Alright, how about this?” Photon asked, throwing about 10k gems in between everyone.

“Uh, Photon, you have no idea what you have started don’t you?” @akionna asked him. "I know exactly what i have started. “We wanted at cat fight, now with a little incentive, we got one.”

Everyone was drooling at the 10k gems just sitting in the middle, then everyone all rushed to try and grab the whole pile.


Just then, a wayward feather landed on Hu Tao’s nose. He squeezed his eyes shut and held his breath … but it was no use. It was going to happen. It was. He could feel it–


Poor Proteus fell off his stool. The pile of gems scattered across the room. One large gem shot directly into Azlar’s nostril.

“Ow!” he yelped in surprise. “Where is that hanky?”

“No no no no!” gasped Proteus. “Lion snot is impossible to wash out!”

“Just this once?” implored @sleepyhead, blinking prettily.

“We need to leave before he burns us all!” hollered @nevarmaor, already sprinting toward the exit.

“Come visit me!” yelled @sft1965 from far, far away.

“Where are you?” asked @Photon.

Just then, a portal shimmered into view. Who would jump through first?


Fenrir, Graymane, Frida, Ratatatoskr (what a pain to type) and Theobald!

“It’s time to take the war to the cats!”

“Aren’t you a cat?” @akionna asked Theobald.

“How dare you!” Theobald was so offended he dropped his knives.

“Hey, we’re FTP, we can’t keep all you new heroes straight!” Sleepyhead protested.

Frida raised her gigantic mace thingie and pointed it at Zimkitha. “Zim! You think you’re so good because you’re a fast HOTM! Well, I hit harder!”

“And I cleanse your elemental defense drop!” Zim hissed back.

Fenrir began to howl. “Enough talk! Now we fight!”


Proteus grabbed Hu Tao, dragging him to the portal. “Let’s jump in!”

“Are there smoothies on the other side?” Hu Tao squinted at the swirling lights.

“Do you want to be cat food?” Giant ears fluttered with panic.

“I bet 100 gems on Fenrir!” @sleepyhead confessed. “He promised to chomp on Zimkitha.”

“You sure?” @nevarmaor pointed to Fenrir. “He has a giant bag of gems … and he’s leaving!”

“Graymane is sweeping up burnt duck,” chuckled @Photon.

“Is Frida napping on the floor?” asked @sft1965 , still far, far away.

@Rook raised an eyebrow. “What kind of cat fight is this?”


“It’s turned into a cat nap!” Hu Tao observed.

“Yes, but they could wake up at any time. Like if a cleanser…”

The portal flashed Yellow… and out jumped Prof. Lidenbrock!

“Oh!” She eagerly clasped her glasses. “The perfect opportunity to observe some amazing species!”

“Excuse you?!” Cheshire Cat hissed.

“This makes the perfect scientific experiment!” Prof Lidenbrock’s eyes glowed evilly. "“Right, Dr. Moreau, Elizabeth?”

“Oh yes,” Dr. Moreau cackled, rolling up his sleeves. “Now which one do we play with first?”

Elizabeth tapped her walking stick on the ground, calling forth some icky spider fiends.

Proteus gasped and hid behind Hu Tao. “Ewww, so creepy!”

“That one,” Elizabeth smiled. The spider fiends began crawling towards…


Began crawling towards Proteus. Proteus was beginning to become horrified. “I HATE SPIDERS!!!” Proteus yelled out. Elizabeth’s smile turned to a somewhat evil grin.

“No. Get them away from me.” Proteus said, still hiding behind Hu Tao, who approached one of the spiders. “Hello.” Hu Tao said, attempting to shake hands, but the spider had Hu Tao between 2 of it’s legs and began to toss him around.

“How is a spider that strong?” @akionna asked. “It’s quite simple, my dear.” Elizabeth said. “I simply gave them…”



“What?!?!” everyone gasped. Except Proteus, who whimpered.

Suddenly, a group of grave-looking, well-dressed people in suits arrived!

“You, young lady,” pointed one, “are in trouble!”

“We… we are the International Olympic Committee, and we come to investigate you!” said another!

“If you please cooperate, we will do our utmost to make this as comfortable as possible.” nodded a third.

Elizabeth, Prof. Lidenbrock and Dr. Moreau looked at each other. Then, they began to run!


“Looks like we won’t be seeing them any time soon.” @sleepyhead said. “But those spiders pack a punch.”

Hu Tao was knocked unconscious. “He’s out cold.” @akionna said. “Will a smoothie wake him up?” “I got an idea.” Toxicandra said. Everyone watched while she made a smoothie. Toxicandra then inserted the smoothie into Hu Tao’s mouth.

Hu Tao swallowed it and woke up. “Hot. Hot. HOT!!!” He yelled and quickly ran to the fridge for a gallon of milk and guzzled it down. “What was that for?” Hu Tao asked Toxicandra.

“It was to get you up. I made it a spicy smoothie.” “Well, I don’t like spicy things.” Hu Tao said. And walked towards the beach.

“So, who wants a spicy smoothie?” Toxicandra asked.


“I do!” said Marcel’s head, rolling around on the ground.

“Oh enough already!” someone said. This someone kicked Marcel’s head… hard!.. and sent it flying away!

It was…



Everyone stared in shock.

“I didn’t mean to!” Giant ear flaps quivered in remorse. “But someone broke my limit … and I get angry super fast!”

“Did that feature kick in already?” @nevarmaor squinted at his phone.

“Oooooh!” @sleepyhead rubbed his hands in anticipation. “I’m going to limit break Seshat!”

“How about you babe?” @Photon turned to his favorite villainess. “You want my green balls?”

“Ewww!” Toxicandra shrieked. “Are they moldy?”

“They are called …” Hu Tao flipped through his notes. “… ayyy-ethers.”

“Look!” @sft1965 shouted from still far away. “How are we supposed to defeat THAT?


It was a +20, limit-broken Heimdall with Level 30 mana troops!

“I hate Heimdall!” Sleepyhead stamped his foot. “Every time I see his stupid helmet and horn I want to take it and…”

“Language!” @Rook hissed.

“Grrr… stupid OP hero that I will never summon, and SG plans to release more, a new season every year and…”

“Have a smoothie.” Hu Tao shoved a straw into Sleepy’s mouth.

“Ok, back to the bad guy!” @akionna waved her hands. “Giant Heimdall is coming!”


Then the loudest horn erupted, breaking everyone’s ear drums …

“What the–” @nevarmaor dropped his phone.

“I don’t want cookies!” @sleepyhead yelped.

“You can have cilantro in your smoothie!” Hu Tao pulled out his blender.

Giant Heimdall sighed … but his breath was so strong, everyone fell over.

“Brush your teeth!” Proteus covered his nose with his giant ears . “What’s that smell?”

“I’m exhausted!” grumbled Giant Heimdall. “I’ve been raiding and reviving all day. I ate …”


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