WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

“Oh, NOOooo,” the crowd cries, wincing.


… Thanos fell on the whale’s blowhole!

The whale gasped, and began to thrash… and blew water out of the blowhole, sending Thanos flying…

… and Thanos fell on Fletcher! Splat!


The Infinity Gauntlet went flying!

Everyone watched in horror as it hit …


It hit Photon in the head. He puts on the Gauntlet. “You’re okay!” Toxicandra shouted. Photon then snaps, sending away Thanos for good. Afterwards, Photon used the stones to destroy the stones. “Never again, will it be used for evil.” Photon said.

Back at the Stronghold, there was an announcement. a hero was being added to the stronghold. “Wonder who will it be.” @akionna said. “Hopefully a strong one.” @sleepyhead said.

A person walked up. “Allow me to introduce…”



Everyone froze. Was that Azlar with fabulous silver hair … in a sexy blue dress?

“You’re not, not … new!” Hu Tao nearly choked on his smoothie.

“You’re ugly!” gasped Proteus.

“Seriously?” Azlarnia shot flames AND ice at the most coveted Atlantis hero. “Are you pretty?”

“The devs must be getting lazy.” @Photon shook his head.

“Isarnia my love!” @CaptainjaKCsparrow made a guest appearance. “What happened?”

“There, there.” @sleepyhead soothed him. “I’m sure it’s just a bug in the latest build.”

“Don’t think so …” @sft1965 pointed to @nevarmaor. “Look what he did to our dear friend!”


Uh oh :rofl:


Truth to tell, @nevarmaor is looking alarmingly greasy; that damned thrashing whale ended up exploding from frustration leaving greasy blubber everywhere.

Mila looks upon @nevarmaor magnificent and well lubed physique with a look of something like lust… (lots of it).

Sadly he will be totally useless as a hero after she has finished with him. But it gets worse!!

@nevarmaor is muttering "Azlarnia, Azlarnia… You seem cold but your special skill leaves me confused and I’m left frozen with damaging burning desire for 4 turns"

"Keep off me Mila!!" says @nevarmaor, "@akionna might get ideas!!"


Mila went closer to @nevarmaor , and gasped.

“You look… different!”

@nevarmaor flexed. “I’ve been working out.”

“Not just your muscles… your face!”

And indeed, @nevarmaor now looked like the combination of two very handsome male celebrities. namely…


Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

“Call me Butchdance” said @nevarmaor, with a remarkably Aife-like sidelong stare at the assembled throng.

One by one the female contingent fainted away, all except Mila. She slowly stooped down, muttering “I’ll call you Butchdance all right”, and picked up a frying pan …


Smacking him in the face.

“My love!” @nevarmaor collapsed in a heap.

“Oh no!” gasped Proteus. “He’s …”

“More beautiful …” @sft1965 whispered.

“You don’t say?” @Photon peered at the unconscious @nevarmaor.

“Those cheekbones, that mouth …” @sleepyhead got lightheaded. “I wouldn’t need a harem if …”

The frying pan zoomed, only to hit …


Toxicandra fair square in the face. “But I could have cured him” shouts Toxicandra.

Both @sleepyhead and @sft1965 exclaim almost simultaneously; “He is perfect now!”.

“Think of Michelangelo’s ‘David’?” Continues @sft1965.

“Exactly” says @sleepyhead.

(both swoon…)

Mila goes bananas and demands to no one in particular that she want wants ‘her’ @nevarmaor back. Oh and she has picked up one of @Rook frying pans and is wielding it with intent, even if it is just whacking a tree.

“Hey, excuse me. Just please no?” says Horghall.

“Not me either” exclaims @Photon, “I’m with Toxy”.

Butchdance just his enjoys moment in the sun. Shade is for other people…


LMAO I love this line!


@nevarmaor began flexing in the sun.

The frying pan ripped itself out of Mila’s hands and flew towards him!

It hit his very toned eight-pack with a bang… and fell to the ground harmlessly!

@nevarmaor looked down, and shrugged. “Glad I just worked on my abs yesterday! Now I have a real 8-pack…”


The hilarity! I was just at the pub and the bartender had ripped his (one size too small) shirt flexing for some girls. No one was impressed and he was apologising to me for a ripped shirt?


hahahaha that poor bartender… i think most people were like “well if you’re going to flex your muscles, at least wear a shirt that fits!” lol


“Not so fast you Canadian fruitcake” says Sabina, who has just shown up, to @nevarmaor. “I can dispel that attractive buff with only average hesitation. After that that you will revert to being Milas toy boy!!!”

“Do you have any real pride?”


“I really wish you hadn’t said that” rumbled Azlar, last of the Leors.


“Sorry Azlar”, says @sft1965, “you are but a shell of your former self, power creep and the recent forging at @akionna hand your ‘merging’ (no doubt with ‘the’ Dev’s underhanded involvement) with Islarnia rendered you almost useless, impotent!!”

“What would a lion know of pride? What is a pride?”

Thus continues, the relentless, @sft1965, Azlarnia was was born!! All who look upon her will be frozen by burning desire…


Azlar, facing right, turned to the left. Isarnia stared icily at Sabina and @sft1965. “I would appreciate you easing up on the fiery rhetoric when Azlar is around. He becomes uncomfortably hot under the collar when the subject of pride comes up.” Sweat beads formed on her lovely neck, to fall like diamonds to the ground.

“Hah!” exclaimed @nevarmaor. “You can blame Azlar for getting all worked up if you want but we know the truth.” He flexed his amazing 8-pack again, rolling the muscles up and down in a mesmerizing wave pattern. One by one, @sleepyhead and his harem fainted away, back of hand to forehead, eyes rolled heavenward.

Isarnia’s eyes rolled heavenward too. “Save me from the immature” she muttered, zapping @nevarmaor and dropping his defenses. Instantly, Mila pounced …


“I have my own @nevarmaor back!!!” squeals Mila (Rainbows and puppies!!!) .

Azlar and Isarnia look bemused while the ‘bug / dev construct / diversion’ Azlarnia looks upon the sorry scene.

“I’ll deal with you all slowly”…


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