WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

Proteus gasped. “What do mean @Rook and @littleKAF are going at it?”

“With each other?” asked @nevarmaor.

“Ewwwwwww!” Sonya shuddered.

“Aren’t they married to other people?” whispered @sft1965.

“Let’s not be so judgy.” @sleepyhead said.

Just then, @Rook appeared, surrounded by a dozen frying pans.

@amrath winced. “This is gonna get ugly.”

@Photon yawned. “Toxicandra, you got a smoothie to fix this?”


“I wish, but the panda drank the rest.” Toxicandra said. "And, i doubt a smootbie would solve it.

Photon looked around. “I think they’re blaming each other for the mess of computers and keyboards.”
@akionna turned around. “But, Hu Tao is over there.” Akionna said. Hu Tao was fortunately behind some things so he wouldn’t be visible.


… suddenly, they heard a loud crash!

Everyone jumped this time!

“What did Hu Tao do now?” Proteus gasped.

Everyone crowded around to see…


Hu Tao was rummaging through the mess. “Apples have apple seeds, where are the apples? I need more smoothie.”

Toxicandra rushed over, dragging @Photon in her wake. “Wait, wait. You can’t make that smoothie properly. Think of poorly-prepared Fugu. Photon, bear hug!” She pushed Photon forcefully towards Hu Tao, who promptly searched around for a spare keyboard.

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t locked …


Hu Tao sees a semi operational keyboard. He tried to grab it, but Photon puts his foot on it. He grins. He then picked up Hu Tao and says " It’s So Fluffy!!" and began to oet the panda. Hu Tao was getting annoyed.

“I’m no pet nor a stuffed animal. Now put me down.” Hu Tao said angrily. Photon refused. Hu Tao continued to get madder and then, went Super Hu Tao. His white fur was now gold. “I didn’t want it to come to this.” Hu Tao said. “A Super Saiyan Panda? You’re mine now.” Photon said. Everyone murmered and wondered if they too should go after the Super Saiyan Hu Tao.





Suddenly, a flash of rainbow colors appeared! Red, Purple, Yellow, Green and Blue…

Marjana! Sartana! Joon! Lianna! Magni!

They struck a pose…

“We will get that panda for you!” Marjana cried as she flexed.

“Snipers to the rescue!” Joon added, as he puffed his chest out in Sleepyhead’s direction. Sleepyhead licked his lips.

“We’ve been preparing for this!” Not to be outdone, Magni stretched backwards so his abs were prominent. Sleepyhead’s eyes bulged.

“Focus on the job!” Sartana snapped. “And hurry, this pose is killing me!” She was standing on one leg, and her gigantic trident thingie was wavering in her hand.

“I’ll show you focus in a way Gregorion can’t!” Lianna eyes twinkled, as she meta-referenced her recent arrival in Sleepyhead’s bench, nearly two years after Gregorion!

“VANILLA SNIPERS UNITE!” all five shouted in unison. And they began firing their specials at Hu!

“I can’t watch!” Proteus covered his eyes.

“No, he’s doing great!” Scarlett gasped. She grabbed Proteus’ hanky and made him look. “He’s dodging even better than Margaret can!”

“Hey!” Margaret yelled from out of nowhere.

Everyone was in shock as they watched Hu Tao…


… gets attacked by Margarets ineffectual bee minions.

Poor slow Hu tao has no defense other than a useless table. “Proteus, please, you have to get her mana under control. Who knew what 60 years of rejection can do to a hero…?”


Hu Tao then upgrades to Super Saiyan 2. “Man this panda is something else.” Lianna said. Photon then tries to touch Hu Tao, to which Hu Tao gets him into a certain hand lock. “Oh no. Not that.” Photon said.

“Oh, so you know about this?” Hu Tao said, raising his pinky finger. “Not that. Not the Whooshie Finger.”


“Don’t pull it!” Proteus shrieked.

But Photon didn’t listen, and…


Toxicandra finally made Hu Tao a smoothie and shoved it down his mouth. Everyone was looking at Toxicandra. “Why’s Everyone looking at me?” She asked. “Look down.” Photon said. Toxicandra looked down. Her top half had lost her vine wrapped shirt. “Oh.” Toxicandra said. “It was getting hot.” She said. “So i wanted to…” “Look like your original artwork.” Photon finished her sentence for her.

“Toxicandra had an original art?” @akionna asked. @Rook was standing, had the frying pans all in the air. @sleepyhead and @nevarmaor had their jaws drop. And @sft1965 fainted at the sight. Everyone was looking at Toxicandra.


… and then, the forgotten Reuben came dancing into view!

But he was immediately blasted by the rainbow snipers!

“Hah! We nipped this disturbance for you!” Marjana gloated.

Everyone turned back to Toxicandra…


…only to discover she had inexplicably vanished, as had the Frying Pan platoon. Rook vanished under a nearby couch.

HuTao noticed his smoothie had run out. He wondered if pears and mango would go with rainbows and bamboo. Something about that combo seemed off to him somehow…

“One of these things is not like the others…” he hummed.


Toxicandra, then returned somehow. “What happened?” Scarlett asked. “Well…i don’t know.” Toxicandra answered. Then, everything went dark. “I can’t see.” @akionna said. “That’s because you can’t see me.” a voice said. “Oh god.” @sleepyhead said. Then the John Cena theme plays…


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