WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

Then someone came running in. “Sorry I’m late.” a voice said. “Belith, you normally aren’t late.” the owner said ti her. “I know.” Belith replied. Belith then got to work.

“Toxicandra, thanks for covering for her. I know you don’t work here, but we appreciate the help.” "“It’s not a problem.” Toxicandra replied. She then walked out from behind the counter. “Ready to go?” Photon asked her. “Yeah.” She replied.

“Where are you going?” @sft1965 asked.

“Heard that the Ninja Tower would be starting soon. And Toxi wants to take a crack at it.” Photon answered. “And Belith, please make Hu Tao his drink please.” Toxicandra said to her." “On it.” Belith replied.

Before Photon and Toxicandra could leave, the Dark Lord was in front of them. “Can i give you my number?” He asked Toxicandra. Toxicandra looked at Photon. “Can i break him?” She asked. “Come on. Be polite.” She huffed. “Sorry, but i can’t accept anyone’s number who i don’t know.” The duo walked out and headed for the Ninja Tower.

“The Ninja Tower…” @sleepyhead said. “Wonder how tough it’ll be.”


@sleepyhead continues. “The Ninja tower is a joke; you a hero such as me (rare and unusual) step aside before the manly men will be be forced to use harsh language (or worse…). Violence could ensue and that will upset that delicate flower who calls himself @sft1965
Toxicandra just looks on with disgust and horror, “I have no power over genuinely manly men”
“What is going on???” I’ve been nerfed!!!


“Who got nerfed?” Belith handed Hu Tao his new smoothie. “It has clover and honey.”

“Thank you!” Hu Tao slurped happily. “Why aren’t you working the portals?”

“It’s Dawa’s turn.” Belith sighed. “How about you?”

“Sometimes I pop out of training camps.” Hu Tao shrugged.

“Sometimes I work Atlantis!” Proteus grinned.

“Are we going to the Ninja Tower?” @nevarmaor leaned on the counter, munching on peanuts.

“Did someone say NINJA?” Hu Tao stood up, the little flags behind his armor quivering.

“What’s up man?” @Photon stopped in front of him. “Don’t you want to climb the tower?”

“I want to blow it up.” Hu Tao whipped out his rocket launcher. “It’s worse than the Goblin Balloon.”

“He might have a mental problem.” Toxicandra whispered to @Photon, except everyone heard her.

“Marilyn Monroe only pretended to be stupid.” @sleepyhead shook his head. “You want to aggravate an angry panda?”

“I’m not afraid of anyone!” Toxicandra sniffed. “I’m a FIVE-STAR!”

“Are you afraid of that?” @sft1965 pointed to The Dark Lord. “He’s holding the rocket launcher, and it’s AIMED AT YOU.”


“I have my number right here for you.” Dark Lord quipped in his best Aarnold impression. “Get ready to receive.” His finger slowly squeezed the trigger.

“No, no, no, no, NO! STOP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” Hu Tao rushed forward – after very carefully handing his smoothie to @nevarmaor to hold for him.

But it was too late. Dark Lord squeezed the trigger and …

Nothing happened!

Dark Lord turned the rocket launcher and stared at it. “Is this not loaded?”

Hu Tao took the rocket launcher out of Dark Lord’s hands. “The handle is DNA-encoded to my hand. It won’t fire for anyone else. Watch.” And Hu Tao pointed the rocket launcher at the distant Ninja Tower and fired.

“BOOM!” A rocket was sent launching towards the tower.

“Noooo!” screamed Toxicandra, @Photon, and @nevarmaor simultaneously. Unfortunately, @nevarmaor spilled the smoothie as he did so.

Hu Tao turned at the sound of clover and honey splashing on the ground. “I handed you that to HOLD!” he screamed, lifting the rocket launcher and aiming it carefully at @nevarmaor


“Wait, wait!” Proteus jumped up, his giant ear fins flapping with panic.

“I like you.” Hu Tao grumbled, his finger twitching on the trigger.

“He’s your friend.” @sleepyhead yelled from across the room. Far away from the blast radius.

“But you dropped my smoothie.” Hu Tao blinked at the floor. “Look at the mess you made.”

“Right, my fault.” @nevarmaor agreed. He didn’t want to get blown to bits. He knew that Hu Tao was a bit irrational when it came to the Ninja Tower. More so when it came to his smoothies apparently. “I was … so happy to see the tower blow up … that it surprised me, that’s all.”

Hu Tao lowered the rocket launcher. “You expressed joy by dropping my smoothie?”

“Relax man.” @Photon sighed. “Just get another one.”

Hu Tao growled. “Belith ran out of clover and honey–”

“You’re crazy.” Toxicandra snorted. “No wonder no one puts you on their defense team.”

“You are well named. Your words are toxic.” @sft1965 winced, knowing it was about to get messy.

Hu Tao spun around, aimed his rocket launcher and fired. It hit …


The Dark Lord straight in the cod piece

The Dark Lord screams in a strangely unheroic fashion and his knees seem to be buckling.

“Only a flesh wound” says the Dark lord in an unmanly tone.

“Take that” says the angry Hu Tao (missing his smoothie and angry about the putdown because while slow he is awesome with his new costume) and just annoyed by the messy cleanup.

@akionna says “Maybe @Photon favourite toxic girl will come to the party and act like a domestic and cleanup”.

“good luck with that one” thinks Hu Tao. “Just not going to happen and they call me slow (?), Toxi just wants personal validation as she is unpopular. Cleaning??? Never going to happen”

Meanwhile the Dark Lord has got some colour back but looks a bit seedy still. “You nerfed me you useless witch”. “What is your issue? Only have eyes for @Photon? He’ll get wise”. “I’ll make sure of that… later (when I can actually walk properly)”

Everythings seems chaos and the surviving Ninjas are busting their uncanny moves left right and sideways but then…


@Photon scratched his head. “What do you MEAN, you will make sure I forgot Toxicandra?”

“Oh, trust me, it’s not something we can talk about here,” @sleepyhead muttered. He avoided eye contact with the Dark Lord; after all, they had been having such a nice conversation on the dating app, when Dark Lord had suddenly sent him pictures of what lay under the codpiece! Sleepyhead had blocked the DL immediately… then DL had created a second account and begged him to chat again… another block!

Everyone turned to Sleepyhead, questioningly. Sleepyhead just shrugged and tossed his hair.

Dark Lord harrumphed, hands on top of his codpiece, trying not to blush. “It means that I will…”


“Rule the world!” The Dark Lord said. “And all these ladies will be my maids.” “No way I’ll ever be a maid.” A voice said. “Who said that?” The Dark Lord asked. A woman dressed in blue walked up. “Oh. What a lovely blonde woman.” The Dark Lord said. “I think the world has had enough of your games and mind tricks.” The woman said.

“Who is that?” Hu Tao asked. “That’s Alice.” @sft1965 said the panda. "She fine though. Alice then pulls out a clock. “What’s she doing?” the panda asked. “Not sure.” @sft1965 said. Alice then activated her clock. Transporting everyone through time, sealing the Dark Lord back to the land of the dead. And everyone, doesn’t remember what happened. “Sorry everyone, but this is the only way.” Alice said.

Photon, @akionna, @sleepyhead, and @sft1965 woke up randomly at the Wonderland event. With their heroes beside them. “What happened?” one of the heroes asked. “Welcome to Wonderland.” The Hatter said. “Will you all try to become tge best scorer in Wonderland?” Photon looked at the others. “What do you say?” He asked. The others pondered in thought. “Bring it on.” A voice said. Everyone looked to see who it was. “Well, what do you know. What’s up Scarlett.” Photon said.


“Harrumph, Wonderland!” harrumphed @nevarmaor. “I never do well in that one. First there’s Alice with that ridiculous timepiece, ruining my attack. Then QoH taunting away and me with no minion killers. Then ole’ Jabbarwock just keeps pounding me from the outside in.”

“Never mind, love, just do the best you can” encouraged Mila, patting him on the head.

A distant rumbling started to build up in the distance, accompanied by a faint yet growing musical mumbling.

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say Hello Goodbye I’m late.”

Black Knight shrank back in utter horror. “Nooooo!! Not the Rabbit of Caerbannog!”


“Why is your Black Knight afraid of a little Rabbit?” Photon asked @nevarmaor. “Well…it’s a long story…” The Rabbit sees Black Knight. “It’s your lucky day. I’m late for a meeting. Ta ta.” The Rabbit said whike hopping away. “Dear god. That was close.” Black Knight said.

“So, one of the strongest heroes out there is horrified of a little bunny?” Scarlett asked. “It’s not what you think.” The Black Knight said. Photon looked at @nevarmaor. “I think you should tell us what’s going on.” Photon said. “Well, it started several months ago…”


“Wait, wait. I love this story!” Hu Tao exclaimed, galloping up as he clapped two coconut halves together.

Proteus shook his head miserably as he wrung his hands together. “This can’t end well.”


“We were doing well in the Rare portion of the event. and Epics was a breeze. Then came the Legendary section. I had my team all set, and just raring to go. But for some reason, The Hatter ALWAYS steals BK’s taunt. And the Rabbit would come in and clean house. And no matter how many attempts i did, I couldn’t win. Eventually, i gave up. Tried again a few months later, to no avail. And then the rabbit called BK a joke. And now, i don’t know if i want to make another attempt.” Photon put his hand on @nevarmaor’s shoulder.

“We all have those moments. Even i couldn’t complete legendary many times. But the more i strategize, the better i did. Hell, even Scarlett became a powerhouse. You just need something with a bit more power.” “Like what?” Photon pulled out a hero card.

“I found this randomly. Thought it would be better for you. Replace Guardian Falcon with this.” Photon handed the card to nevarmaor. “This is…” Nevamaor scanned the card on his phone and the hero popped out. “Hello there.” a voice said. “Costume Marjana?!” Nevamore exclaimed. “Yes. Now go and teach that rabbit a lesson.” Photon said and went off to do his challenges.

“Think that Marjana will turn the tides?” Proteus asked. “No idea.” Hu Tao said whike drinking the coconuts. “But it should be good.”


But Marjana continues,

"you like my costume? “Down with your patriarchal society” and “Hu Tao, get some dignity. You used to make smoothies for us and now you are messing with second hand coconut water?” “well that just won’t work”.
“And the S3 heroes are already pretentious and entitled. but what about the upcoming S4’s? we have been warned of? They’ll be stealing your bamboo meals to stuff their comfy futons in between murdering the rest of us!!!”
“We need an FTP rebellion to stop these creatures making a mess of our lives”…

“Do you understand?”

“BTW, that rabbit will be toast if i get my way”. “just saying”


The White Rabbit squeaked. “You want to fry me?!”

Costumed Marjana sneered and tossed a fireball at him. Rabbit ducked, and instead the fireball hit…


The Dark Lord directly in the cod piece again!!!

The Dark lord visibly withers while asking for ice “just because; you know?”

Marjana just scoffs. “you total wimp, that wasn’t even directed at you and you are squeaking like that irritating rabbit.”

Marjana continues. “Dark Lord, do I look like I care you Idiot? Oh please, my eyes are up here”. @sleepyhead has used his super successful wiles on you clearly but I am just too pretty.

And then, “I have some news for you Bugs Bunny…”

Suddenly a lonely, dishevelled looking Copyright Lawyer apparates and screams, “don’t torment me like this…”


“Whose tormenting you?” @sleepyhead asked. “You’re hero being dressed as a pirate.” the Lawyer said. “Uhhh. She’s been dressed that way, and as far as i know, no one has said anything. So, unless we see actual proof, then i don’t see a problem.” The Lawyer left. “Now, where were we?” Sleepyhead asked. “Bout to make some fried rabbit.” Marjana said. And she threw another fireball at it.

The White Rabbit dodged it again and ducked into a hole. “Gotcha B!tch!” Marjana said, and sent a magma blast down the rabbit hole, lighting the rabbit up. The White Rabbit was running about in midair, grabbing his butt, and screaming. “Now’s your chance Black Knight.” Sleepyhead said. And the Black Knight finally defeated the White Rabbit.

Then, in the rabbit’s hole, Sleepyhead discovered something. Something blue…


@Photon, tag please, a plain name doesn’t reach them and so they don’t know to respond.

PS. I like your enthusiasm and ideas,


I don’t like spamming people’s names with so many tags. Did that in the discord server once and got my ■■■ chewed out


… something borrowed, something old, something new.

“Who’s getting married?” @sleepyhead asked, his voice echoing deep from the rabbit hole.

“Are we invited?” Sonya clapped her hands.

“Watch out!” hollered @nevarmaor, ducking just in time.

A large bouquet of fancy flowers and ribbons bonked @Photon on the head.

“I am not available!” he grumbled, kicking the bouquet away.

Hu Tao picked a few flowers out. “These can go in my next smoothie.”

“Baby’s breath?” Proteus frowned. “That’s a weed.”

“Is this my prize for incinerating that rabbit?” Marjana picked up the bouquet.

“Look who has the garter!” @sft1965 pointed over his shoulder. “He has to marry the person with the bouquet.”

Everyone turned and saw …


“Uncle Vodnik!” everyone gasped.

“You were expecting maybe Paul Newman?” Uncle Vodnik winked as he flicked ashes from his cigar everywhere, including into his obviously fake 3" wide moustache. “Now, where is the lovely bride-to-be? I’ve been looking for a girl like her and I need to know what I’m looking for.”


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