WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

… Telluria, Hu and Proteus all zapped the pteranodon!

The car began to fall!

“Trigger the mechanism now!” Doc Brown yelled!

Marty did, and the car vanished…

… and reappeared in…


… the Starship Enterprise!

Hu Tao gasped in awe. “I always wanted to meet Captain Kirk!”

Telluria nodded. “He is cute. But Scotty has that accent.”

“Pffft.” Marty shook his head. “I like Spock. I mean, look at those ears!”

“Guys, focus!” Giant ear fins trembled with fear. “This is not an improvement. We’re in SPACE!”

“Actually, you’re on my ship.” Captain Kirk raised an eyebrow, aiming his phaser. “Uninvited in fact. Explain.”

“Yes, thank you for not killing us.” Doc Brown stood tall, even though his hair had been combed flat. He looked years younger, as Colen was a masterful stylist. "We …


“… mean no harm. We have lost our transportation.”

Captain Kirk flicked on the giant screen, showing the Delorean floating upside down in space. “This thing?”

Everyone gasped, too distracted to notice Captain Kirk’s discrete nod.

“Jim, perhaps …” But Spock was too late.

The Delorean BLEW UP.


“My car!” Yelled Doc. Brown. How will i ever get back to 1955 again?"
“Doc,” Marty said, “you built it once, you can build it again. Whatever universe we are in, i’m sure they got the components for it.”
“Good idea kid,” said Hu Tao as he tried Spock’s drink.


But poor slow Hu Tao isn’t thinking about this at all!! Hu Tao is in panda unhappiness!!! They announced the proposed “balance” (to the Force?) and that annoying (what do they call her? Oh… “Bamboo Hero! That sounds reasonable!” thinks Hu Tao. (“and why do these heroes give me Guava’s? A Bamboo smoothie would be sooo sweet!!!”)…

“What did i get?? I’m more deadly!! I have always been awesome! They could have made me Average but this is an insult!..”


Hu Tao suddenly knew what he had to do to feel better.

So he took the 3pm train to visit Telluria.

When he reached Telluria’s house, he saw Telluria doing a bit of gardening.

He got really excited and started shouting:


Shut up” Telluria said

No you shut up” countered Hu

Telluria couldn’t hack it anymore. She used Force of Forest on Hu Tao and Hu Tao fainted.

Telluria picked up Hu Tao and walked over to her neighbour Totoro’s house.

Hey Totoro, I found a panda for you to play with.

Oh? You brought me another friend to play with?” said Totoro. “I already have Margaret, Atomos and Gormek here and they are still unconscious.”

Just keep them quiet, I don’t want to see them ever again.

Telluria slammed the door shut and walked off, steam venting from her head.


“What just happened?” Captain Kirk smacked the console in front of him. “How did that panda bear and giant tree disappear into a Studio Ghibli film?”

“My Neighbor Totoro is really quite excellent, Jim.” Spock raised an eyebrow at him. “You should give it a chance.”

“I prefer Spirited Away.” Captain Kirk sighed. “I like those soot sprite creatures.”

Proteus decided to be brave then. “We must save Hu Tao!”

“Please!” snorted Doc Brown. “That boy knows the backdoor to every story. He’ll find his way back.”

“But the giant tree seemed mad.” Marty shook his head. “Maybe we should–”

“Stop talking!” Captain Kirk growled. “We’ll go to the Transporter Room and …”


… save them. Now, put on these red shirts!"

Proteus, Doc Brown and Marty began reaching for their red shirts!

The forums exploded with horror. “Don’t do they know what happens to red shirts?!” screeched sleepyhead, clutching onto @akionna , who wept a silent tear.

@Saphirra covered his eyes. “I can’t look!”

@nevarmaor began banging on the screen. “Don’t do it! Don’t dooooo itttttttt!”

Can anything save Proteus, Doc Brown and Marty from becoming Star Trek Red Shirts???


@nevarmaor would get a kick out of this. :smile:


thanks! edited to include nevarmaor in the story :wink:


Ahh, NOW we know who Flo is!


Colen, Azlar, and Marjana stepped forward.

“We’re already red, so we’ll take those shirts.” Colen declared, with a toss of his head to straighten out his curl. The three donned the shirts – well, Marjana did. Colen didn’t want to muss his hair and Azlar couldn’t fit it over his head so they just draped them over their shoulders. Then they stepped up onto the platform with the round discs with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock (weird how he’s never called Commander, always Mister).

“Scotty, beam us aboard.”

“Are ye sure, Cap’n?”


Just then a 2x4 appeared in the hands of each of them.

“You’ve been at the Scotch again, Scotty? Ensign, relieve Mr. Scott and beam us down.”

“Yessir …”

The five disappeared in a twinkling afterglow of pyrotechnics, to appear …


… in the secret meadow. Where it was naptime:

“Well, that’s anti-climactic,” muttered Azlar. “I was prepared to blast the fat guy into 2021!”

“That must be Telluria’s secret love.” The ever astute @sleepyhead whistled. “No wonder her minions look like baby Totoros!”

“Shut up!” Telluria towered over everyone. “Leave before they wake up!”

“Wassup FLO!” @nevarmaor winked knowingly. “I’ll keep your secret. Even though alliances would pay me buckets of gems for your true identity.”

“Everyone stop bickering!” Captain Kirk shook his head in disappointment. “Don’t forget the mission!”

“What is the mission Captain?” Marjana sidled up to him, the red shirt too big, slipping off one shoulder.

Captain Kirk turned toward the red hero. “My God. You. Are. Stunning.” Then his eyes twinkled, and his smirk was even more wondrous than Colen’s. “Give your red shirt to the guy with fantastic hair. He’ll need it.”

Forum members gasped in horror. Now Colen was DOUBLE DEAD.

But he wasn’t going down without a fight. Colen smirked and shot his special at …


Red Shirt #4! (Where did HE come from? I thought only five beamed down.)

The rules of engagement that govern TrekWorld short-circuited. No one had ever deliberately fired at a Red Shirt before. It was easy to deflect shots towards them but …

Colen’s special subsequently DID deflect. Straight towards the only non-red-shirted members of the away team!

Kirk, Spock, and Marjana all crumpled in a heap.


The Power of the Red Shirts had reached epic proportions. Only those wearing the red shirt would survive. Any other color was doomed to death.

Hu Tao stretched, the crumpling of Kirk, Spock, and Marjana waking him from his nap. Then he lumbered over to Colen, waving his new smoothie, made with melon grass and sweet clover. “Did you come to visit me?”

Colen frowned. “I think we came to rescue you. But I’m not sure.” He flipped his hair, like that would make his brain cells work.

Azlar snickered. “We should leave them here. How do we get out of here?”

“Where do you want to go?” Hu Tao blinked slowly. “Who is Red Shirt #4?”

“It’s me!” said …


… Jean-Francois!

“Ze told me, to wear ze Red shirt, because… with Telly and Vela being nerfed, nobody would use me anymore…” he shrugged. “Bah, me, I do not care. I am just doing zhese, for ze ladies…”

“You got it!” Colen reached out to high five Jean-Francois. But before he did, Kirk woke up!

“Did someone say ladies??” he leaped up.

And by leaping up, he headbutted Telly!

Telly snarled…


… spawning a dozen baby Totoro minions. Then OG Totoro woke, roaring, showing all his perfect teeth.

“Finally!” Colen flipped his hair with glee. “A battle!”

“Engage!” yelled Captain Kirk, kicking a baby minion out of the way.

But no one shot Totoro … or even Telluria. Everyone’s special hit …

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… Jean-Francois!

“Sacre bleu!” J-F said as his dinky hat flew off! Then, he fainted!

Everyone looked at each other, stunned. Then…


Telluria laughed. “Did you mean to do that?”

But the inverse rules of engagement finally kicked in, remembering the Invincible Red Shirt Principle with Auto-Deflect.

The specials that hit Jean Francios bounced off him (better late than never), hitting everyone who couldn’t speak French. Or who wasn’t wearing a red shirt.

Hu Tao gasped in shock. Luckily Colen had given him the extra red shirt. Because slow heroes sometimes looked out for each other.

“Who’s laughing now FLO?” @nevarmaor chuckled, standing over the prone Telluria. But his victory was short. He looked up to see …


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