WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖

I wish whatever we wrote would come true, I’d cure your liver cancer in a heartbeat. hugs my friend.


Why thank you. I get into trouble, but you have always been awesome. Love. :heart:


While Boldtusk was trying to calm Gormek and Gobbler by frying ham “No fight, eat ham!”, suspicious things happened. Another bard appeared! “Hello @Rook ! Coffee?” @FauxnahTheBard said…


Before the new bard could play a song, Gobbler wandered over.

“Oooh, tasty wood!” and Gobbler gobbled all the bards’ instruments up!


@sft1965 exclaims, “Gobbler, isn’t your thing minions?” “Would fiends work? Elizabeth has some and they really tick me off. Why would you resort to wood before spiders”

“Too Australian” responds Gobbler. “Not healthy and if I get bitten? I have no defense still!”

@SamMe concurrs…


… “you’re all invited to our never-ending celebration for @PlayForFun !” said @SamMe . “Lots of food from around the world for everyone!”

“Lemme at 'em!” both Gobbler and Gormek said as they raced to the buffet!


When suddenly @Photon appears with Devana in tow and a bikini clad Toxicandra.

@Rook hisses in fairly standard fashion before hiding under an inadequate chair.

@akionna observes. “A little late for the show Toxy?” stifling her delicate gag reflex.

Other heroes are doing the same. @sleepyhead looks visibly repulsed

Chef Bold Tusk appears, steals costume Gormeks abacus and starts beating Gobbler until Gobbler spies Devanas Leopard minion. “now this is a proper buffet. I’m out of here for a moment…”


I don’t hissss…I mrowr. :grin:


Hu Tao pulled out his notebook. “I have lost track of the plot.”

Proteus nodded, sniffling into his worn hanky. “Why won’t anyone put me in a bikini?”

@Rook mrowred. “I am not opposed to that.”

“Good God, I am!” @Photon threw flags at the ex-kitty-mod. “Who wants to see that?”

“Why is Boldtusk, a healer, beating poor Gobbler?” asked @nevarmaor.

“Doesn’t he know, he can’t revive in that costume?” muttered @sft1965.

“Listen up!” @sleepyhead clapped his hands. “My relatives are coming for a visit. They obviously can’t stay with me.”

The harem erupted in chaos. “No room! We already take turns!”

“Can anyone help?” @sleepyhead looked around.

“Are they nice?” @SamMe asked.

Total silence.

“Fine!” sniffed @sleepyhead, dropping a heavy bag of gems. “Take that AND any HOTM from my roster. Any takers?”


“They CAN be nice,” added Sleepyhead. “But only if you’re heteronormative and heterosexual. and the chances of them being nice are better if you’re East Asian. But only Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Singaporean or Hong Kong Chinese. And you have to let them sleep in your bedroom. And you must have…”

As Sleepyhead continued with his litany of his relative’s demands, everyone began to doubt whether his offer was worth it. @akionna thought back to her own travails cleaning the house for her own family visits.

@nevarmaor began comparing his roster. Did he really want sleepy’s Seshat or Malosi that much?

Proteus fantasised about drowning sleepy’s relatives and pocketing the gems. After all the offer was only to let them stay somewhere…


@nevarmaor looked up from his roster. “Umm, do you have Seshat’s costume by any chance?”


Sleepyhead made a face. “I haven’t gotten a single 5* from ToL, much less a costume…” Beside him, Seshat brandished an arrow threateningly.

“And I’ll never give Seshat up, despite what I said about taking any 5* from my roster…”


@Tea Walks into the story… looks around… wants to play but can see where to fit in… scrolls around and tries to figure things out…

looks like winnie the pooh with her paw to her head… “think think think”

  • nibbles bamboo softly as she sniffs the air* …

(((( she hears someone in the distance cry )))) ^^^^

wiping the drool from her mouth and dribbles from her fur she stand up quickly to rescue @sleepyhead

When out from the bushes jumped a …


“… a male panda!”

It was Hu Tao!

“You… you are quite gorgeous,” Hu Tao blushed.

Tea’s jaw dropped, and…


… being the consummate host she whipped out her blender.

“Can I offer you a smoothie?”

Hu Tao blinked in surprise, then slowly fainted.

“What did you do? What did you do?” Proteus complained loudly, rushing to his friend’s aid and ineffectually wafting his hanky over Hu Tao’s contorted face. Then, looking down suspiciously, he realized that Hu Tao was … was … grinning ear to ear!

“All I did was offer him a beverage. I use green tea for the base.”

And welcome to the nuthouse @Tea :rofl:


Gan Ju jumped out of the bushes. “Is there a panda available here? Hi Baby!”
Bai Yeong appeared. “No, she belongs to me!”
@Tea 's expression was a mixture of amazement and amusement.
While the two newcomers faced each other grimly, Hu Tao removed the hanky, looking sad.
But then cTibs appeared and started playing his guitar and Hu Tao sang a perfect interpretation of Aerosmith’s Crazy.
In the end everything was quiet when suddenly …


Sleepyhead burst out. “I always thought Bai Yeong was female?”

Before anyone could react, Sha Ji shoved Sleepyhead aside. “Don’t forget me just because I’m a 2*!”

It was a 5-panda frenzy! Hu Tao, Bai Yeong, Gan Ju, Sha Ji began bickering while @Tea stood in the middle, perplexed.


Shy as she is tea giggles with joy ohh I thought we were endangered! But look there’s 1 2 3 4…… wait …

Suddenly she starts frantically looking for another female panda!!!

starts nervously cooking to distract the bears

She hopes she cooked enough food and that nobody else smells it …. And shows up !


SamMe invited herself to @Tea’s kitchen. “That smells delicious! It looks like you’re cooking more than one dish?” SamMe asked, looking at all the pots and pans Tea was using to cook.


While Proteus was desperately looking for his hanky, Pike suddenly stood next to @sleepyhead and looked very thoughtful.
“Wasn’t there a mission or something? And now we’re playing with teddy bears… And where does all this kitchen equipment suddenly come from? Oh, wait, what smells so good here? Are those fried bamboo shoots!?”
Pike left sleepyhead and floated to @Tea when suddenly…


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