When new game mode?

Players lose interest in the game.because only titans.every day…Boring! A wanna drive! When changes ,when a new raids, wars and more collective modes??
Oh, camon …please Give the tools of interaction between players

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Alliance Wars is in Beta testing as we speak. You can look up “Shortlist” in Forum search to see what else is coming. :wink:


Where is that Shortlist?


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have been working in the beta for a long time, is not any date shuffled?

I read this Short List long, long time ago and this “near future” never came.

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We need a interaction between players, but we wait a new avatar , new information and bla bla bla…
Wars Alliance??? This is Titan Part Two.
Exatcly like that Titan.
Camon, we need Wars ! Politic, united Alliance and more collective Raids, but
beautiful pictures we can see later

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A new beta build rolled in yesterday. First test (in this new build) of Alliance Wars is currently running, looking like it’s running smoothly. My uninformed guess is that this version is good to go, and so AW should be going live in a few weeks. But I have no idea what else there is needed to code (e.g. alliance matching).

Several other nice new features in beta, as well, that will add depth to the game.


Can you tell what are other nice new features in beta?

Usually Beta players don’t “tell”, because it’s still in testing (I.e., subject to change). Patience; once something is in Beta, it’s coming, and not merely on a calendar somewhere. :wink:

That’s not fair ((( He shouldn’t mention it then )))

There are always two cries:

  • “More information!”
  • “Don’t spoil it by telling us anything!”

I think Beta players are excited about changes, and want to hint without spoiling. :wink:

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i’m waiting patiently then :wink:

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not fair? really? if there was a dislike button I would click it…:roll_eyes:

I saw a beta test and then I ask.
will add not the depth of the game, but just the design.beautiful wrapper
We need something else,than I keep people in my alliance

dubious bonuses for the sake of VIP client
I’m afraid there will be a massive outflow of players

If beta testers told everyone everything it would set an expectation that would never be met because the point of beta is to make changes based on real player feedback.

Beta testers don’t get paid, they don’t get anything free like items/gems/heroes. They do it because they want the game to be better for all players. We also are NOT VIP, anyone can apply during an open window, that is how I was selected. I have spent much less than $100 USD in 9 months or so of playing…

Also, you wouldn’t really know it, but a lot of the insight in these forums that comes AFTER beta closes and a new version is released is from those who have played in beta and can offer tips. One person already is writing something up for AW to post once it is rolled out, as an example. So not only do we not get paid or any real incentive other than maybe a preview of the HOTM to decide if we try and get them (is that really a benefit?), we give back to those who are not in beta.

Sorry, as a beta tester I don’t think some of the comments here are warranted.

By the way - to reiterate - some great changes are in beta now. I believe folks will be happy about them.


To be clear, what happens in beta stays in beta. They give us the new heroes in beta, fully leveled, so we can test them. But our production accounts get no benefit, aside from what we’ve learned.

Sadly @Kerridoc, some beta testers leak hero cards and significant info in advance of production. Though this time the HOTM has stayed under wraps. With Zeline, she was posted in the forums MINUTES after we got her in beta.

In this latest round I don’t think there has been anything that significant leaked.

I didn’t mean to imply that there was no information leakage, but rather that the goodies we’re given on the beta platform don’t change in any way our accounts on the production platform.

@bArkuxa The new release notes are now posted. Looks like changes will go live early next week!
1.10 Release Notes

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