! When new daily Path of Valor quests are available

For everything that has new options (war, quests, tournament and such) we have a nice red ! showing when.
So you immediately see there is something new that you can use the available energy on.

For the daily quests for PoV this seems to be missing.

Maybe something to add in a new update?

You got my vote .

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There is already refreshes time just above daily challenges in PoV.

True. But you have to open the PoV quests to see that the time has been refreshed.

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Putting a timer there don’t have much sense, at last for me. Daily quests refreshes every 24 hours, they start always at the same time.

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So do tournament and war flags and they’re marked by the crossed swords when available… So why not the valor quests, too?


Yeap, it is just not consistant with the rest in my opinion.
I will check if there is new daily challenge and am online enough not to miss them myself. But I find it strange that this is not ‘highlited’ like all other new things.


I’d like to add something else related to the time. I really hope that SG will rotate the starting time for POV (and thus the refresh time for the daily challenges) around the clock so that over time everybody gets the new challenges at a more (and, of course, with some POVs less) advantageous time of the day - similar to the rotation of the titan spawning through the 22 + 1 hour rhythm.

For example: Right now I’m getting the refresh at 9 in the morning my local time. Usually I play my first round way before that in the morning and then I have to try to catch up with the daily challenges later (and possibly cursing my morning actions as I would have completed tasks with these if I had done them later). Sure, I could wait for the challenges to refresh, but that would mean that I have to let my refuelled WE and open wanted mission chest waiting for it.

So, by just rotating the start time from one POV to the next everybody would be able to get different start times which might suit him/her sometimes better and sometimes worse. I don’t think that just one hour of difference would be necessary, it could move by two or even three, I think, so perhaps let the next one start at 6:00 (or even 5:00) UTC and move it further with each new POV.

Just an idea …


I’d love to get something for 9 am!

Weekday wars start at 1:15 am for me (soon to be 2:15 am with the time change). The daily PoV items start at midnight. All event summons, quests, etc start after midnight.

I’ve had to adjust my whole sleep schedule from Western Canadian to European time :grin:

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Yeah, I believe it must be hard. That’s why I was proposing a schedule like this :wink:


deily challenges reminder


Surprised they don’t have that to be honest


I’m going to resurrect this one as I have a very similar idea.

I propose we reverse the indicator. So, instead of showing when we have completed a challenge, show how many dailies are available.


Sometimes, I wake up and totally forget about the PoV. But I usually do a daily without thinking. Then, I reminder that I have something to claim pops up. Nice, but instead of the accidental surprise, it would be nice to have a reminder.


When new dailies appear, the icon should appear and say “3.” That tells me I have 3 daily challenges to do. For now, I would ignore the valor challenges as this is enough of a reminder to make me look at the valor challenges, after all, they are available until the next PoV starts.

Now I complete a daily challenge, say kill 10 ducks. Then I go collect, the icon says “2.” Once I complete the last one, the icon turns off.

I think this alone is fine, but here’s an added bonus. After day 50 when there are no more challenges, the icon can be used as a reminder to collect prizes, like it is now.

I think this is a far better implementation.


I still think this is an easy fix and a QoL improvement that will be appreciated. But it didn’t pick up as much as I expected it would.
Thank for the addition, and improvements @littleKAF
Looks like some well thought contributions

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Hey, i didn’t find something similar so sorry for the new Topic.
Just an idea that the Icon of the Path of Valor could be highlighted if there are new/not finished Daily quests.
Would be helpful to not miss them accidentally.

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Interesting observation, it shows a number of things to be collected but it will be nice to show another symbol for daily task that need to be completed, similar to war when you have flags to fight


Yep, it would be good.
It would also be good to see a pin on the quest icon if you have quests available or unfinished or bookmarked.

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Adding an indicator on the POV icon that indicates whether you have undone POV daily missions will help players not missing out missions.

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