When must i fire Rana's special (or sand heroes specials :D ) for optimal anti healing


I decided to level Rana instead of Vivica or Drake. Having already Delilah and some nice other 5 star leveled.

But now: When do i fire the Rana special. When it’s ready or do i wait till healer from opponent has fired? Or like Merlin just fire when healer is nearly at full blue with mana? Never worked with Rana but want to use her right from the beginning if i can :smiley:

I think this goes for all sand heroes that have anti-healing


Right before healer fires. After is too late. With HoT I’m not sure of the interaction, as I only have started using my sand heroes. But with healers that also provide a resist on ailments it would also be too late to fire after them.


Use her instantly if:

  • You know that you’ll change healer’s mana while it is active
  • You know that you’ll kill someone with her DoT & Tiles/Specials
  • You have a way to ghost tiling yellows (bonus if you kill the one above the yellow tiles)

Wait if:

  • Opponents have 1 round of a remaining HoT while sitting at full health
  • Opponents at full health will be cleansed after you fired it
  • Opponents will load you with DoT & stuff in the next turn

Good to counter 3-target healers and to kill stuff with offensive heroes as Gravemaker


Thank you for these answers. If someone has got other tips for use please post :smiley: