When maxed, double special chances

Getting a 3* hero to 8/8 special is a chore. When we are leveling a hero, each training/feeder hero gives a boost to stats and a chance of upping the special. After the hero is maxed, the rewards for feeding go way down. It is very discouraging to dump 10x heroes to get a “special did not improve result” over and over and over and over again.

Leveling a hero takes a lot of time, patience and game play. I feel there is nothing wrong with that. The path for leveling a hero from 1^1 to max level is rewarding. You get to see your hero grow as you spend time. Even if the special does not go up, the stats do. You make progress every time.

Once you are at max level and ascension , the story changes. Now it is not rewarding, but frustrating. Even with 10 same color 2* heroes the chance is less than half (40%), and that is a best case scenario (without using 3 or more star heroes… please no!). A 5/8 hero feels impossible/worthless to get to 8/8. Most of the time I am reminded of the end of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

“So you get NOTHING! You LOOSE! Good day Sir!”, again and again.

You Loose

I feel that once a hero is at max level and max ascension that the chances of increasing the special should double. This will alleviate some of the repetitive grind from the game and make players happier, without making much of a change to gameplay or any other factors in the game.


While I completely understand what you are saying, and also like your idea, I question the efficacy of expending so many feeder heroes simply to get your 3* to 8/8 special skill…unless it’s a ocd-type issue, perhaps those heroes would be better spent as a lunch for another hero who is still in the leveling process. Just my 2 cents. Have a good day :wink:

When all you have are three star heroes those extra levels in the special can make a huge difference.


Or perhaps just make it so the special jumps all the way from wherever it is to 8/8 when the hero gets maxed.

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Yes yes yes. Great idea.

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All the more reason to use all that XP on the actual leveling of heroes, instead of throwing it away and hoping for a skill point increase. If it is really important to you to have everyone at 8/8, then start saving duplicates and get the guaranteed 100% that 4 bring. But don’t throw XP away.

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On this we must agree to disagree.

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I think we can do that…we are simply coming to this from different directions I believe. Civility, it’s refreshing. :slightly_smiling_face:


@badassninjadad. As was said above the power of a 3 star goes up radically if you get them to 8/8. I have about 40 maxed 4 and 5 * heroes and more waiting to level. My reason for the 3* is for the rare/beginner challenge events. I really like these because it puts everyone on a relatively even level. The HOM or special heroes really don’t matter much, but game play very much does.

Not really OCD, but I am wrong about myself often…LOL

My comment was directed more towards lower- level players as I think that having multiple 3*s maxed is more advantageous than focusing on 8/8 special skill alone. I have seen this fixation in my own alliance, so my comments were made with that in mind. I suppose I should have recognized your unique name and PowerPuff motif, and realized that I have read some of your writing…i believe it was called ‘raiding in the top 1000, parts 1-3’…really great writeups, btw, I very much enjoyed it and found it helpful. Thanks for not taking the OCD example the wrong way…I echo your feelings about self-analysis, lol. Have a good one!

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Looks like someone beat you to it :wink:

I agree, though. Of my 11 (3*) heroes that are lvl 50, 4 of them do not have their special maxed.