When it comes to buying Gems


I Have to admit , I have wasted so much money on Gems. That are wasteful on most parts of the game. I do feel this game, sucks the life out of your wallet. And one thing I don’t understand. Is why am I paying more on Gem buying options ? I look to my husband’s Gem buying options, and it’s quite less then what I have payed for , or am paying for. To be honest I am unhappy about it, cause it should be less priced as you buy. I don’t find it fair at all !


I’m not sure, but maybe this is the difference between IOS and Android. (Of course only if one of you has IOS and one Android :slight_smile: )


Could you be more specific? Perhaps with screen shots? What is your husband exactly being charged and what are your rates?


Well if that’s the case . I find it unfair


Well I edited pictures on the top to my comment


My prices are lower than both. Im in the us as i know different countries pay different rates bases on tax laws


Wow! That’s really interesting. My prices are also different (and much lower) than either of those two examples. And I thought my prices were ridiculously high…

I’m US based and using Android.


My prices match yours, I’m guessing all due to relative countries and I wonder if OP and her spouse have accounts in different countries


It would be very good that somebody from Small Giant explains this situation, becuse at the moment it seems that some of paying players have much more privelages than others, and it smells as a scam.


I have 2 game accounts. My Android account matches Bellonawarrior’s first picture, and my iOS account matches the second picture. Both accounts are canadian, the same vesion, but different builds.


The prices vary a bit between Android and iOS, and between different countries, mostly due to value added tax and currency conversion rates. For example, Apple recently changed their pricing tiers in a number of countries, while Google did not. It’s worth pointing out that the prices are not “personalized” in any way, so within a given platform and country, the prices are the same for everybody.


Thanks for the response


That’s interesting; I knew that most games had similar pricing tiers but you don’t get to explicitly set the prices, only what is exchanged for a given price?



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Not sure how to post my question…this is the only way I found to post anything. If someone could please help, it’d be much appreciated. My question is as follows:
Last week I purchased you training hero’s for 250 gems. My gems were deleted from my account but I didn’t get the hero’s (training food as they call it). What gives?