When is which hero you will receive in TC determined?

This may sound dumb but I don’t honestly think it is – lets hope haha.

So just now, I decided to use 29 gems to skip the last 1hr or so of my TC 20 to get my hero. I ended up getting a Cyprian (yay, my first finally) but was that outcome going to be inevitable regardless of if I did what I did (use those gems to quicken it) or could it have been a different Hero, had I waited another 20 mins and used less gems, or let it finish by itself?

Is the hero you receive determined as soon as you click the “train” option or just when you “collect” ??

Determined when you hit collect

Players have figured this out through the beta system

Beta account copies orignal account

Well original account would have a tc20 in progress so then beta account would copy that training in progress but both would have different results upon hitting collect

Gems wont change the outcome just like gems or atlantis coins dont change the outcome of a summon depending on which you use

Just RnG coding of 1s and 0s and what not


I think the RNGsus is determined to the finish line.

^^^ This

Camps are weird.


Question is answered. Going to close.