When is the SAND EMPIRE Summer Seasonal Event in June 2019? [Expected June 25, Subject to Change]

Can anyone tell me what date the event is on?

We can only guess.

Last year it was June 25:

I’ve speculated previously about a similar date this year:

But that could turn out to be completely wrong, especially since Springvale was much later this year than last year.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Sand Empire came in July instead.

Who won the mod betting pool for “First forum user to ask about Sand Empires”?


It’s already been asked about multiple times before, I think this is just the first thread to ask only about Sand Empire.


Please review the video. Thx


Heard that it will be from 24.06 to 14.07

My hypothesis 24.06 (because it’s monday) for 2 weeks (24.06 to 07.07)
and 2 Sundays with free gifts (in middle and last day)

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It would be nice if SGG could tell us when the event will start…

Is June’s event still the sand empire

Yes, it is
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Do we have the exact target date? I have been hoarding EHT. I hope they can be used to summon the sand heroes.

Must be June 24

written on task calendar

Yes you will be able to use eht on Sands event. All seasonal events allow eht to be used on the event summons as it replaces the usual epic hero summons for the duration of its availability


Keeping this thread alive :smile:
Will the start be in June or later in July? Would be awesome to know for spending the saved EHTs

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If the event falls during Atlantis summons, the EHT should be good for use in sand, right?

You will be able to use epic hero tokens to summon in the Sand Empire gate, no matter when it happens. EHT can be used in seasonal events.

I would also love to know when it’s going to happen!

Moderator’s Note

I asked the Staff for guidance on the expected date for Sand Empire, and got an answer:

The current ETA for Sand Empire is June 25 (subject to change)

Please take note that this date is NOT guaranteed, and may end up being different from the current expectation.


Anyone have any idea if summer event will be the same as last year? And any idea if we will have it in June or July?


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The answer is just above your post…

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