When is the next big special gem deal?


Got $100 2 drop. Would rather wait 4 a big gem deal. Something more than the normal 10K gems. Ne1 know when another is slated 2 pop up???


I don’t think they want to announce in advance the big gem deals. A small one should come in a week with the monthly event–but that one is for at most $5.

The big deals seem frequent though. I’d say if you can wait till the end of the month, then wait.


Halloween event most likely will have multiple deals. Starts on Oct 22nd.


Thx. Didn’t know if they “leaked” info on it…


Thx… Hard 2 wait that long 4 a few 10-draws!!!


The Halloween event will have a deal calendar just like the spring and summer event :grin:
Will be worth the wait!


Cool… Thx… Started late Winter this year…