When is the new Atlantis?

Before I completed all stages in Season 2, there was a time label that says when is the New Atlantis event coming and it was very helpful - saved gems for that, made some shopping before. Once I completed the mission on easy & hard, there is no time indicator when it will be available.
Is there a continuation of Season 2?
Is there a Season 3 coming?
How do I get more Atlantis coins - you know, re-playing the Atlantis season again doesn’t give you coins. How’s that gonna be in the future?

Here’s the best answer we have so far:

The AMA said that Season 3 is still a ways out. And they gave no indication that there will be any further Atlantis levels.

If you have any further Atlantis schedule or hero questions, don’t hesitate to ask over there. People read that thread regularly and should be able to answer.