When is next Soul exchange

Been away awhile. Got heap of unusable 5*. When is the next soul exchange so i can clear my inventory pls n ty

Just had one in November, so probably like February. I think it comes every 3 months.

Damn… ok cool ty for info

It is quarterly… Sg was going to schedule it for December and then they changed their mind to November… So it is all up in the air… But the presumption is maybe February… But no clue if it is early or late.


My guess is : late Feb to early March. Between 27 Feb 23 (Mon) to 6/7 Mar 23.

This way, SE after that will be in early June, Sept, Dec.

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I could see soul exchange happening immediately before the black Friday portal every year because of opening space for pulls/heroes. It’s a guess… But someone at sg realized that people wouldn’t pull if they had limited space. I forget when the summer solstice was… But maybe then too.

That’s cos “enough” posted in forum that they ain’t doing anything till Zynga/SGG does something proactive about roster space. Zynga does read forum.

That US$4.99 roster offer looks like it’s twice monthly now. Plus forgotten treasures of Fire. That’s +15 slots monthly.

Add on an odd combo offer with +5 roster slots, looking at about +20 slots monthly. Minimum.

At this point, maybe they should augment rosters for free and give refunds via gems to people. I’d happily store 1200 feeders in a roster folder…

My personnal guess is Fabruary 6th.

Two ex-games had expanded rosters.

One required me to be VIP, not arduous at US$9.99 monthly, subscription.

Another provided a roster storage facility for heroes not in use or pending levelling etc. I can expand both active/passive rosters with gems, free from the game by just grinding.

No idea what’s up with this game. They still limit teams to 15. The same 15 that this game started with, 5.5 years ago. :roll_eyes: