When is new balance due?

Because some heroes need some serious nerfing for instance Freya, Bera, Odin, Frig to name just a few.
Which hero in your opinion needs to be berfed?

  • Bera
  • Freya
  • Odin
  • Frig
  • Baldur
  • Alfrike
  • No hero
  • Some other hero

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You are at least missing the two options “no hero” and “someone else”.
Without that you will always get a biased result which is pretty much worthless.
Just saying…


Duly noted, thanks :slight_smile:


Can you please put in ‘I don’t even care anymore’ option?


This literally made me laugh out loud :hugs:


Sorry, tried, but can’t edit after 5 minutes :frowning:

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No worries, thank you for trying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll abstain from voting since I just don’t care for this. It is always a relevant topic though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m struggling between no hero and some other, decided for some other.
From this list I don’t think one needs a nerf.
Alfrike of course is crazy in rush, but that’s a problem with the rule, not the hero.
The two minion heroes can be nasty, but there are at least some counter heroes with gormek c and gobbler relativ easy available.
The rest from the list is not really outstanding compared with some other heroes.

Why I decided some other is fluffy. This hero is just crazy over the top compared with some other similar heroes. With Uraeus there is another yellow minion counter with the same speed but he looks like a joke compared to fluffy. I’m not sure if he really needs a nerf, you don’t see him very often and it would be cruel for the few lucky ones who got him so probably not.
But if he was more common this would be one of those heroes breaking the game completely…

Personally I would rather see threads on “how do I beat this hero with obtainable heroes” than discussion of nerfs.

I have Grimble, so Bera/Freya not an issue for me. But Gormek costume is also effective. More ideas here maybe:

I fight Frigg by taking green and using up her tiles. But here’s another effective strategy:

I always struggled against SIF until I finally got Sabina costume :woman_shrugging:

Power Creep is here to stay.


I had to triple check to make sure this post wasnt old. Of all those heroes listed, only Alfrike can be an issue and thats only on Rush events.

I would entertain arguments for nerfing Elizabeth, but Id rather wait to see if changes are made to defense bonus first as that may be all that is needed.

Instead, I could give a long list of Heroes that should be buffed However, after the last SG Q&A, it think its just intentional that some heroes will be lacking.

I’m happy to see “No Hero” in a commanding lead.

The only nerf I have been in favour of was the one whose name we dare not speak for reignited an old argument, and that was more to do with the stagnation of defence making the game boring. The new meta has variety across it still as opposed to every team being the same 5 in the same order.

I’m fine with some heroes being stronger and some weaker. So long as all have some kind of use, no matter how niche that may be I’m fine with it. Challenge is good, no interest in easy mode.

No nerfs needed. We need many buffs for more verity and fun.

There are many heroes now that i believe if guinevere/telluria/vela got some reverts it won’t be an issue like before


Baldur? Really? Baldur? Why is he on this list? I have not heard of anyone complaining about him being too powerful…


LOL…yeah. Cant you feel the thousands of unfed Baulders screaming out in pain?

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I am strictly against nerfs, plus Odin and Frigg were already nerfed once. Lightly but still. Also most heroes can be played against. Maybe I would nerf Ninja bonus, because those 5/10% sometimes feel like 50/90%.

I would rather buff heroes and maybe add some later skills to S1 (outside costumes) such as HP boosting (yeah, will never happen, but one can dream). Some HotM are in dire need of buff as well, sometimes since their release. Namely Perseus, Thoth, Aeron, Natalya. Guardian Owl, Red Hood and Sargasso as well.

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The most overpowering hero (Salmon Loki) should be on the list. It’s so overpowering that players can’t use it anywhere in the game. Jokes aside, I don’t think any heroes need any nerf at the moment but there are a lot that need some buffs.

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Really!!! nerf!!! Learning how to beat them is better than asking for nerf. I believe that everyone asking for nerf does not know how to play, does not have a strong roster to go against p2w accounts, which can be frustrating, in other words reroll until you feel comfortable with the team that you are going to attack and in war, find a better alliance that fit your roster or just clean up.

If you start nerfing old heroes, it will be no much to counter the new heroes coming out and at the end you will end up asking to nerf everyone

I do no have a huge roster but with my 3800 tp I go against 4500 tp and win 80% of the time, we have another user that is doing the same thing only using 4* S1 heroes. I remember someone complaining on spending $10K on a roster and was killed by a team of S1 heroes so it is not impossible.

There was a cry before to nerf Telluria and Vera because some one figure out how to put together the synergy of those heroes and made a strong team now compare to what is out there they are almost useless

So, I agree with @Tess_01, instead of asking for nerf ask for tactics of how to play the tiles, how to beat them or just skip them and do not go against them


Easy way to nerf Bera and Freya: issue every account with a free Grimble. Sorted.

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