When is it you're a strong player?

Just wondering if there are defined some rules for that…

Must you have 30 maxed 5 star for the war? Must all your troops be level 30 4 star?

I have 9 5 stAr maxed out and 8 4 star.
I have 8 5 star not maxed out but in 4 and 5 4 stars on last level…

Or is it when you easily stay in diamond and every now and then go to the top 100?


Has someone ever defined this? I like to know then.

Maybe kerridoc or dante are strong players? And what do they have? Or isn’t strong defined in figures but experience? Like I can’t do anything with 1 panther against Guin and a strong player can? Please help define when you’re weak and when strong?

IMO you are strong player when:
You always(or almost) in top 3 titan attackers
When you have 5* def team (or you can make it)
You always(almost) in top100 in events
When you can beat every quest/event without items
When you have ~30 maxed heroes (4* and 5*)

I think that one is much, much harder than the other criteria!

I can tick most of your other boxes but I normally only rank about 50,000 :joy:


I guess when most of the time you have better results even if you have weaker heroes, or great results with great heroes.

I personally don’t judge the value of a player by the heroes he/she have, rather what he can do with that heroes.


I’m not ever in top 100 for events. I don’t have the patience to repeat some stages for better results… :roll_eyes:
And if I had I wouldn’t have the skills


For how strong you can be there will always be someone that will beat your defense squad to a pulp.
And someone else that you would never be able to beat; no matter what!

Oh! And if you happen to be at the very top for quite some time, just wait for next Hero, whose special will turn the table!

That’s the fun of the game. To improve you have to play continously.

Today I could be “strongER” than yesterday, but I would never be able to say that “I’m strong”.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT strong in any conceivable sense :laughing:


Maybe you need to define “strong” first.
I think a strong player is a player really committed to the game. A player committed to his/her alliance. A player committed to the game community.
Doing a 100k hit to a 10* titan is not being a strong player, is having strong heroes. To have 30 maxed HOTM is not to be a strong player, is to have a strong budget.
To me, a player who participate, who helps others, who share knowledge, who can take a bullet for the team in wars, is a really strong player and I want him/her as alliance mate regardless heroes and level.
Of course, if you want a number “strong” can be determined by TP, number of heroes and troops level but I will let that to more experienced people.
I’m sure this is not the kind of answer OP was looking for, but it is what I really believe.

Best Rigards… Sorry, best regards!


I really like this viewpoint! It’s all relative, and based on why you enjoy the game and what, if any, your goals are.

If your goal is getting to the top and staying there…your idea of “strong” will be much different than someone who is playing for fun and social aspects, being part of an alliance that values everyone no matter the heroes they might have or the TP they can muster up for Wars.


As you can see from the answers above the individual opinion of being a strong player is different from person to person.

I felt strong when I first time ever ventured into top raid posts. Till thay day I was fighting peers on the verge of platinum and diamond and one day I decided to try to go against the best oppositions. To my surprise it went well and I went up 100,000 positions up to reach global #6. Despite the incomplete acsention of 2 heroes I suddenly felt I was a strong player. That was after 7 months of playing the game.
Since that time I ventured more often to the top and reached #1, visited top 100 without any flasks only as a part of filling of the chest, but that feeling becoming strong happened only once.

I don’t think it has anything to do with being top in events as it purely depends how deep your pocket is and how many red flasks you could buy. It’s a pitty as many others would be good competitors if they had a chance.


It’s odd I had this conversation with my alliance today and I also stated that it is a relative term.

I have my own view of a strong player.

  1. Has 6 war groups consisting of at least 2 maxed 5* heroes and the rest maxed 4*s.

  2. Consistently wins at least 4 out of 6 war attacks.

  3. Consistently does minimum 150k damage on the highest level titans you face.

4- Enters the top 100 in raids daily an never drops below 2400 cups.

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I rock when my first move
auto adds 20 more and clears the board lol

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I think if you can beat every quest in the game, complete events and make good use of your titan flags and war flags you’re a strong player. Oh and you want to be able to consistently win raids in diamond and a defense team that can keep you there.

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When evaluating others: Consistency is important. Has to be a team player and carry their weight. It’s what you make of what you have.

When evaluating myself: Never happy with how strong I get :roll_eyes:


Does it really matter? There is always a bigger fish. (c)

I felt like a strong player when I got 5x 5 stars maxed and TP of 4000+. At this time I usually got strong hits on titan and enough heroes for war.

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I think this is one of those questions that if u sat 10 players down and asked individually u would most certainly get 10 answers. I mean I think basics like having a well balanced roster that’s somewhat deep and a decent number of 4* and 5* but I’m gonna tack on to @DotCom and his remark by saying u can b strong for ur team in many ways. Always participating and being smart about how u play in wars for example. U can have a solid squad at 3500 and if ur not caring or thinking about what ur doing and rush out to fight opponents without actually looking at the matchups then ur actually wasting attacks and weakening ur team. I guess I would just say ur strength as a player is directly related to ur thought out and prepared participation as a player along with seeking out advice and getting involved. That’s it I suppose. Anyway hope everyone has a good night. :grin:


I like the discussion :heart_eyes:

Your opinions are great. Like I said strong might be defined in experience and other things you all mention. Great visions.

When u can join top 10 alliance

Strong… the game has been downloaded some 5 million times if I remember correctly…
Some people will feel strong when getting a 3* rainbow team completed, then again when the same happens on 4*… personal goals. I ask you what you want and then I can tell you when you are strong.

In myself, I feel “strong” now that I have a roster deep enough to pick teams in war rather than the team picking itself. I will get stronger as the bench gains levels since the teams on the last flags are not fully leveled and may include 3* but damage can be done.

Why this definition? My goal is to enjoy the strategy of matching up versus aother team, So being able to pick from heroes makes me feel like I am accomplishing my goals, hence “strong”. I am NOT aiming to be in top 100 for extended periods of time or in top rank in events (not willing to spend for that so I don’t set myself a goal which will only lead me to unhappiness).

In a teammate: Strong - can bring teams to use six flags even if the last teams are (very) weak. USE the flags. Strong means participating in the game and trying. The heroes will eventually strengthen but the attitude matters. Spending is not a requirement even as it helps build a bench.

My alliance (Lobster Stew) is not a top alliance by ranking but it feels very good because we have an active group of friendly people that are progressing. Someday I may plateau and become bored, that will probably happen if I don’t always feel like I could lose in a raid or war battle. Many may scoff and say we aren’t “strong”, I would strongly disagree but we would be talking about different goals as well…


Future weekly raid tourney will be a good guide if you are a strong player, hero restriction to 4*, only certain elemental heroes are allow limited raid energy, it might be more even amongst big spenders and free to play, will we see talented ppl who can manipulate the board with average roster rise to the top or the big spenders with a lot of specialise heroes. I for one can’t wait. Bring it on SG.