When is it January?

We’re well into 2023, a whole new year but still seem to have December HOTM. It is rubbish, if I could use stronger language I would

Still 2022 here.

HOTM changes ovwr in 4 hours

I’m in NY, USA and it’s only 10PM so still 2022 for us!!:laughing::blush:

Its 9am 1-Jan-2023 in Asia but still Balur staring at me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::grin:
And Augustus is so dope with his weed pipe that he forgot to leave :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: someone needs to wake him up…

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The HoTM changes over for everyone across the whole world at the same instant in time.

For some he comes “late”, for others he comes “early”. It has always been this way. What time it is in your (or my) timezone is irrelevant.

For E&P a “new day” starts at 0700 UTC no matter where you are physically located.

So, the January 2023 HoTM becomes available at midnight only for those in the US Mountain Standard time zone. For everyone East of Utah/Colorado/etc. all the way eastward to the International Date Line, he will be “late”. For everyone to the West, California, Hawaii, etc. he will be “early”.

And of course, the next day’s onslaught of offers will also start at that same exact time. For everyone.


Yep the “changeover” time between one day to the next is always the late afternoon same time here (subject to daylight savings time) in Oz

You can tell by the timer on the Christmas event