When is enough, enough?

Hey Hey Guys n Gals!!
I really thought I would be playing this game for a long time and well, I have.
I started in Nov 2016 when there were only a few Canadians and Aussies mostly comparing fishing stories. Some people were spending money, others were F2P, a lot were F2P while waiting to see if the game would catch on. Most alliances were struggling to find the full 8 members to join and take on the “big” 4* titans. Everyone was learning and EVERYONE was helping people learn.
I remember Copperskys first week when we gave her some tips and she thought it was a good idea to write stuff down so others could use the tips we gave her.
I remember coining the term mercing when Capt. Jack and I decided not to join an alliance but just go wherever we were needed most.
I remember a very nice alliance (X) that was shattered by a disgruntled member (elder) who kicked everyone and quit, I also remember the other alliances who “donated” members to keep X afloat and killing titans until they could rebuild.
I remember the “great merc debate” when some people thought Mercs were getting an unfair advantage by killing more titans than non-mercs.
These were all interesting times and while we all did our thing the game developed and grew.
One day I was struggling to get into the top 100 and found that there were over a million people playing the game, since then I have rarely been in the top 100.
So what’s this post about? It’s just a little reflection and a big Goodbye. The game has helped me through some tough times and I really appreciate the people who were there for me when I needed them. I really hope I have contributed something to the community and I wish you all the best in the future.
Nighty Night Guys n Gals


@Player1, everything is eventual, nothing last forever. E@P is losing yet another piece of its heart. Good luck in the future wherever that takes you!


I don’t like this thread :cry:


Thank you and good luck.
I like the game, your contributions helped make it fun.
Have fun.

It sounds like the game gave you a lot of enjoyment for several years. Everything has a life cycle and you’ve found it’s time to move on.

Good luck and I hope you find something else else that you can enjoy for several more years!


It would be nice to see something like an “honorable mention” in this game or a “hall of fame”, and i guess you deserve a place in it.

Good luck for all and thanks for this nice post.



Good luck @Player1. Best wishes in whatever you do next.


There’s alot of interesting insight into the beginnings of this game in your post, thanks for that. Sad to see you go but then, I’m only about 15 months in and thinking about it myself. It’s odd to me how I actually feel kind of guilty about it, as though I have some duty or responsibility to stay. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Hope you find something more appropriate for you soon, if you haven’t already.


Cheers to you @Player1

Seems you have been through a lot of the history here, and to think I started sometime in 2018, where you have been here since the beginning it seems.

I enjoyed this throwback moment and reflection.


Very best wishes :hugs:


Best wishes to you and P1.5!
cheekfart and kisses

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also :asshat: ■■■■, still doesn’t work :frowning_face:

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Thank you & to all who have gone before us! I’m sure you helped to make this a great game, to this point. Yes, it definitely needs some work, but without the “founding fathers”, it would be even more unbearable. Piece & love in your journey

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