When is Ariel of Seaon 2 coming out

Just wondering when will SG release Ariel as one of the heroes of S2 available in summons.

Haven’t seen her in beta. My bet - towards the end.

Ariel, the little mermaid?:joy: I know about Atomos and Poseidon, but nothing about ariel. Is it a joke about the mermaid or a real hero? :laughing:

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i suggest you watch “once upon a time” the series :slight_smile:

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Dear god why?
She is really ugly.

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Most probably she will come out in either February or March along with 2 other Atlantis 5* heroes (called Atomos and Poseidon according to rumours) . The first two in February when provinces 19-21 get opened and one of these two along with the third in March when 22-24 get opened.

Until now there have always been three new provinces each month. The first 3x3 were dedicated to lagoon heroes. Now we have Sakura heroes and a Japanese theme. So probably the last 3x3 will be dedicated to Atlantis and we will see 3 Atlantis 5* heroes :slight_smile:


How this Ariel looks ? Any screens ?

It’s the lady you first meet in Province 8 or 9 or so (in the video sequences when you finish a province or enter a new one). Also, you can see her face as Avatar in the mission Complete Season 2

Might be an awesome blue healer (but we’ll see when she is released)

She’s still in beta, so no pics here. In short, she’s a blue, average-mana healer. Her design has changed some during testing, but she looks to be a very solid addition. A first-tier healer in her current form.


Ohhhh I’ve been wanting an average mana 5* healer for sooooo long! I know who I’m saving gems for. Thanks for the info (and let’s hope they don’t change her to slow!)!

Btw are you allowed to mention her secondary skill? Delilah looks like a good healer too, but I don’t care for minions especially against titans, so the secondary is almost as important as the first imo.

Secondary is in flux, so I’ll stay mum for now.


Fair enough. Thank you for the info!

Aww man!!!

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