When is 1 ramming pulveriser 1 to many?

Ok so I started this adventure at the very end of Aug (roughly 12 weeks ago). Progression wise I think I’m doing pretty well as a lowend c2p (only pet dragon vip). Here’s my question, I’ve leveled my kiril to 4/70, and have now accumulated enough mats to push another 4 hero’s to 4/70… But who do I pick…
Ice all 3/60
Now my main aim is to get my 4* maxed def team in place for war… I currently use kiril as my tank in a line up of Chao Gormek kiril Mel grimm… So should I just lvl those 4 and be done with it or would a def team of grimm sabina kiril Gormek caedmon be better? Is that to many of the same special in a single line up? A walking dragon banner 3 x pulverisers + def down and a debuffer seems like it would be difficult to cleanse quick enough to out do… Or should I just stick with my current def team for better range of specials? All help is much appreciated! PS my sh20 is being built so getting at least 10 4/70 will be the aim but def is current priority

Is that your order? I would go:

Mel, Grimm, Kiril, Gormek, Chao

To answer your question, I would like to have Caedmon in there as a fast hitter. You have Kiril in there for healing and Caedmon can debuff.

Red: Gormek reduce enemies defense
Green: Ceadmon fast mana sniper
Blue: Grimm reduce enemies defense
Yellow: Chao fast mana sniper/cut off enemy mana
Dark: Sabina healer with great tile damage and disaple enemies buffs.

So is it better to be rainbow def like from left to right Chao sabina kiril Gormek caedmon, the hero I’m most reluctant to use mats on is Gormek because there are better fire 4* hero’s. Which is why I’m leaning towards Chao sabina grimm and caedmon as my hero’s to use my gloves on

Starting on left with Sabina will let her remove enmies Buffs and heal your team.

Gormek is my boy. Level him. I usually never leave home without him.

I like my Gormek at 3/60 8/8 special but I just know there are better fire 4* hitters out there and hidden blades and gloves seem to be my holy grail mats wise

Gloves are many people’s holy grail. Quite possibly because they all need them.
The thing with there being “better” is that you could be using him while you are waiting.
I might be partial because he is the first 4 i pulled and the first i maxed.
He’s a good hero

Ther’s no such a thing as too many pulverizers.

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Wow! I thought I was blue heavy… Does exactly what it says on the tin… Makes holes :blush:

Your right and I am using him lots already! Just finishing my 2nd hawkmoon for war /events and I was actually tempted to power up a 2nd Gormek to 3/60, then if nothing comes along I’ll bite the bullet

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