When inmortality is used against you

The following images will show you guys how an imortal Morgana Le Fay can backfire, just a little…

took 3 turns of lucky combo"s and ending healing buffs to kill this vamp. :rofl:



Can i say that attacking with Guardian Owl is at least questionable?

Should have highlighted the first image with the goofy vampire lips almost perfectly covering her mouth.


I actually took Guardian Owl for his defence.
With Aegir’s special Owl’s defence is worth so much for his allies.
Also, my how team was selected to be selfhealing, beacuse that is required with morgana’s overtime damage.

It’s not just a random pick.
Although in defence Alby should placed right and Owly left, because Alby’ revive would lower Owl’s damage.

I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to illustrate here… are you saying Morgan is good? Bad?


I was just showing a case in which morgana became unkillable, but had so many healingbuffs that she also helped the enemy (who uses her healing). She became sort of counter productive.

I had no intention pointing out her strengths and weaknesses.

I gladly share my opinion about her, if you like to do so. I own Morgana since the first Avalon event and have tested her in every possible way.

I think she can be extremely usefull as a mid tank in raid defences (she keeps me at 2650 trophies). I love to use her in attack raids, because she has a fast charging true damage hp draining dot that seems to always hit even when she blinded. HER ONLY REAL WEAKNESS IS THAT BOTH SHE AND HER COMPANION SUMMONS MUST ENDURE MANY ROUNDS! So all her teammates must be selfsutainable or tanky. I noticed a perfect match for Morgan Le Fay and the following heroes:

  1. Inari
  2. Diana
  3. Ares
  4. Alby

When does Morgan Le Fay fail?

  1. When dieing her dot just disappears. So completly useless she is when one shotted.
  2. Her healing stops when her marked victum dies. (makes her tanking potential random in defence, because again her heals make her tanky)
  3. healing reduction debuffs (because heals makes her a tank).
  4. When placed on the outer left or outer right. She is not a high damage dealer unless she tskes many hits.
  5. when she is not maxed out and gets low troop bonusses. Her scaling is insane. she goes from almost useless (ascention 3 lvl 70 + troop lvl 15) > godlike mid tank (ascension 4 lvl 80 + troop 20)

I was lucky and got Morgan during 1st Avalon too. She was very 1st 5* green and neither Hell nor Earth was gonna keep her from from my stockpile of tonics. I even have her as a flank on my defense team right now and she helps keep me well into Diamond tier.

Never really understood why so many didn’t like her, but I guess most were googly-eyed over Guin.


Oooooh, I get it. All her healing is keeping victor alive and topped up.

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When I buffed her that hard I was like “Mwhahaha!” then vlad marked her and I was like “oh boy…”. :thinking:

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