When I push revenge in raids, a different, mich stronger team appears!

I witnessed this many times by now, just to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit „new search“: When I push „revenge after I lost a raid, a different, new team appears! Always either too strong or one where I lose much more trophies than I can win!
Please fix this immediately, it’s unfair and extremely annoying!!

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It’s forum not support.

You can attack only offline players. Quantity of cups from raids depend on quantity of cups defender have

Give proof with pics please

It may be that your revenge targets have changed their cup totals so the difference is outside the +/- 280 allowed difference in cup range for raid matching, so it rerolls instead of revenging.

It doesn’t influence in revenge, you have ±300 cups difference only when searching for opponent.

This is because you can set your defence team to whatever you want and you can attack with whatever team you want… so the team you arw attacked by aren’t always going to be the twam you attack (their defence team)

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If the team in question was (a) cupdropping to attack you (using a lower scored team) and (b) has now reverted to their regular defense team, then yes, you will notice a disparity.

There is nothing you can do to fix this other than keep your eyes on the cups at the bottom and not play when the cup value is too much of a loss to you.

Many times I will bypass a revenge that is no longer advantageous to me and look for a better target.

Good luck!


What i have noticed is that after you press “rematch” if you lose, the “reroll” button is directly where the rematch button used to be. so if i hold my thumb too long or do a weird double tap with my finger, it registers as 2 clicks and jus does rematch but then also reroll. if i don’t catch it and just hit attack i’m facing a random team with my previous raid team.

i’ve had that happen a bunch of times when quickly going through raids and lose one.

Within seconds?! Doubt it…

I know this issue, doesn’t apply here at all! Different player, different team, different name - within seconds! Not enough time to change a team. Also was looking carefully at the buttons, as I thought I was just pushing the wrong one accidentally before.

How very strange. I’ve never seen that. My first reaction:

“Have I updated the game?”
“Have I updated my device?”

Followed by:

“I’m sending in a report to Game Support”