When Guardian Chameleon uses special against Proteus, Proteus casts own special skill against himself

Proteus gets poison damage+can’t gain mana for 3 turns, when Guardian Chameleon uses special against him, which should not be the case.

Hi @Csigabiga

Are you able to get screenshots? Cheers

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Are you talking about event fights? If that’s the case, I used Proteus against Chameleon and didn’t notice anything of sorts…I use Proteus a lot, so, pictures or vids would be great.

This is what happen:

Guardian Chameleon cast skill turning Proteus to yellow/holy hero.

Proteus fire and hit one of the yellow enemy on the side of Guardian Chameleon, reflected back at Proteus due to challenge event color reflect (yellow).


Did you possibly cast Proteus against a yellow Boss after he changed to yellow? If so, he’ll reflect.

@yelnats_24 beat me to it by a second. :slightly_smiling_face:


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