When firing hero specials in succession during Titan hits one hero not firing/tap press not registering

Currently fighting a 9* Dragon Rooster and when trying to fire specials for all five if my heroes in succession the middle hero (Marjana) did not fire when tapped/pressed on. After recognizing that the hero did not fire I tap/press with a more deliberate action to fire again and it does fire. This happened one time during a hit for two consecutive hits. It may have also happened when firing the middle hero and the left flank/second hero in sussession.

I also had this problem 11 days ago with the first/left wing hero (Ranvir) against a 10* red volcanic dragon for all five hits. One of my other alliance members experienced the same issue a few days before. Has anyone else come across this issue?

Am I getting this right?

All heroes have full mana and you try to fire them very fast…

I sometimes have those problems but always thought it is because my display is broken a little bit (not because of e&p !)

Also in some of the new events it seems to me that hitting axes, dragon storms and stuff had troubles, because it sometimes needed like 3 or 4 taps to actually throw the item (just to be sure i tapped about 1 quadrillion times) :laughing:

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