When events will be retired?

So I kind of want to try a 10 pull in Clash of Knights, but with the introduction of Monster Island etc does this mean the event and portal will be shelved eventually?

Just curious to know the average life cycle of these events and portals before they are “permanently” retired into a eg “Challenge Festival 3”…so I can plan ahead…

Thank you!!


Clash of Knights is an alliance-based quest, so hopefully has a longer shelf life than the “normal” “solo” challenge events

Though with Musketeers (another alliance quest) coming out, who knows…

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Since they had Ludwig for 15 heroes in the soul exchange I think it will be retired. Finally got 5 heroes from it a year or 2 too late! Lol! Now they will be underpowered. I really like these heroes though.

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I have a feeling we’ll get CF3. I’m not sure when exactly. Maybe 2023? My guess would be Slayers, Villains, and Circus for CF2.

When is CF2 and Magic Tower?

CF3 whatever events we had in 2022/2023 maybe?

Is there a point where all of these CF will be one portal?

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When they finally decide to retired those freaking useless season 1 heroes.

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