When does Miki reappear

Does anyone know when Miki is going to be available to summon…sooo tired of Wu and Ranvir is same

He’s gonna be featured in AR in July.

He’s however not yet available in the Tavern of Legends Summon Portal: 🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]


I have all three and Miki is not so good as everyone thinks. I use Ranvir mostly because is fast and he get charged quick and doesn’t matter if he miss sometimes still the next shot is strong because his active almost all the time and on the other hand Miki without mana potion is useless because sometimes pas 45 second from the Titan time and hi is not charged so I think you don’t miss much Miki in your bench. Ranvir does same job trust me

Thats what Mana pots are for :wink:

And FYI, Ranvir does NOT do the same job…


Even if you looked only at their cards;

  • Miki = never misses, Ranvir = miss chance
  • Ranvir = sniping damage, miki = not
  • Miki = Silence, Ranvir = not
  • Miki = resists silence; ranvir = resists poison

For the record, mathematically Ranvir is actually worse than Wu Kong… Just saying…


The problem is those mana pots are going to end up and you left without and still you get same as a told above so same S…t and Wu kong is history because Ranvir is way better than him. Thats mean you don’t have enough experience to notice that

Current Inventory:

Mini Mana Pots = 1281
Mana Pots = 233
Super Mana Pots = 170
Tornado = 98

Average Item Use per titan hit:

  • 1x Battle Axe
  • 2x Mini Mana Pots

So… by that I have (right now) enough mini mana pots to last me another 160 days without crafting or finding or getting awarded any more…

Just perspective is all.

I would (personally) just do a double check before making such accusations about experience :wink: HINT: I did the maths & comparison for you in the link above.


Are you trolling or something?

I’m not, I only say what I saw in my 2 years experience in the game

Then what about your avatar?

I did when I got him because i was so happy when I get him and then i realized is not like supposed to be and to be honest I’m not much in here so I don’t bother but I going to change that

Anyways, Question asked & answered.

Feel free to discuss miki & his merits elsewhere;

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