When does a new alliance need to be created to participate in war for this Saturday?

Hello everyone,

Anyone know when a new alliance would need to be created in order to be matched for this Saturday’s war?

Thank you!

Before matching starts on Friday.

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Thanks. I am trying to narrow that down to a more specific time. I know it varies by a few hours.

We have 24 hours to prepare for war, but I never paid attention to when matchmaking stars/finishes. When prep starts, the matchmaking has already occurred.

Matchmaking starts a day before war prep. Two days before war. AFAIK

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I hope you ain’t war shuffling


The exact time would depend on your location. I am CST and it usually starts around 1pm on Friday.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

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If he was I suppose he would know when to do it :wink:

No way. I would never do that. I really resent people that are doing that as it really hurt a lot of alliances this week as SG is trying to solve the problems they are creating.

I am leaving my alliance myself, just to try a new tactic solo, and will be returning. I want time to merc some titans before I start my own alliance and just didn’t want to miss war.

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That is when your war prep starts … so matchmaking would already be completed—correct? The question is when would the matchmaking start. I am not worried about missing war prep. I just want to make sure I am matched.

That is when match making starts. That process does not take very long depending on the size of your alliance. Matching starts at the same time for all. The system starts will full alliances and works its way down. So if you are a 1 or 2 person alliance, it could take an hour or so to match you. Once matched the war starts 24 hours later.


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