When do you use your trainers?

Out of curiosity, when you guys get your trainers, do you use them as feeders right away or do you level up your heroes to a certain point and then use them? I’ve heard some other players like to save their heroes but I never understood why. I’ve got so many trainers that I can’t farm levels, run the event or clear out my camps because Im out of hero spots.

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I would use them on a hero who has maxed out his special or is close to maxing and has some way to go.
I would save them if I’m not in that position at the time.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Right now I have Sartana, at level 55/ 3rd ascension with 8/8 special. I guess that would be a good scenario in which I could use my trainers.

You want to use trainers as late as possible to minimize the food cost of training. Try to save them so they’re the last feeders you use.


Watch this video by the all conquering @Xero786 and he’ll explain it all https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/base-reveal-and-hero-leveling-advice-by-xero786-zero/23079


I don’t think that’s correct. A trainer hero gives a fixed amount of xp to the trainee, not a no of levels. So it is irrelevant whether that is at the start or end of the levelling

More xp is needed as the levels increase but the cost per feeder-hero in food is the same.

So high value heroes and trainer heroes save you food at the high levels because you need fewer of them.

It’s all in the video above.


Hmm ok, need to read further …

Odds of a special increase on a diet of trainers is really bad; I don’t do it while I’m working on a heroes special.

At level 51, cost to feed one hero is double what it was at level 1, for the same star level. 5* > 4* > 3* very significantly too.

Thus I try to save my trainer heroes until I’ve got a 4* or 5* at level 51 or above with special maxed. (Level 51 is my arbitrary target)

I lump any unwanted 3* or 4* feeder heroes into the same category as trainers, 'tho they are actually in a middle ground between trainers and 2* feeders in terms of both XP density and poor odds of special increase.

I don’t always manage it. I go for efficiency when nothing else is in the way, but not at any cost! A couple examples.

  • I really wanted to level my new Wu Kong up quickly so he lived a bit longer attacking titans, and made it through Fables, so I fed him my hoarded yellow trainers when he was only ~3/30.
  • I got a bunch of heroes while failing to get Hansel, and my inventory was out of control, and I had a bunch of red and blue trainers “waiting” for Alasie or Scarlett to hit level 51…I fed them all first to make space.

Odds of special increase per 1000XP:
3* same hero= +39%
4* same hero= +28%
1* same color= +11.11%
2* same color= +8.55%
3* same color= +7.94%
4* same color= +7.41%
1* other color= +6.67%
2* other color= +5.13%
3* other color= +4.76%
4* other color= +4.44%
1* same color trainer +1.67%
1* other color trainer +1.00%

Note that trainers are far worse than off-color feeders for special increase odds!


Use them first or last it doesn’t matter

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I use them on the last few levels of my 5* to minimize feeders needed. Saves on food.

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