When do you get attacked in raids?


Hi, I have a weird sounding question:

When do you get attacked in raids?

Some members of our alliance do not battle much. And they do not get attacked much.

Others battle a lot and get attacked a lot.
Revenge … sure … but also just attacked. Not revenge.

Does it increase your visibility in raids if you battle a lot? It sure seems that way to us.

And no, I do not mean revenge. I mean showing up in other players’ “find opponent” results.

Does anybody know?

… not just idle curiosity. One guild buddy would love to try out his new def team. But nobody does him the favor of attacking him … poor guy …


Probably has a too-good a def team! I know i’ll Quickly move on when I see lineups I don’t like, particularly if the available loot is low.


Those who raid more will increase their trophy count, allowing them to be pitted against those with higher trophies and therefore better heroes. If you don’t raid, your trophies will eventually settle at a point where very few of those who can pull you in a raid have a chance to beat you.


Wasn’t attacked in months, not even once. Tried everything i could imagine, nothing helps )))


Have him leave 50k Plus hams


Yeh… being a more casual gamer, I’m often fill on ham (@Revelate would be horrified! :wink: ) so when I collect resources from my keep the ham often stays. As a result I get lots of ‘guests’ coming to visit… which I don’t mind. I tweak my defence team to maintain a comfortable cup level, and quite happy to donate some of the ham (which I can’t use fast enough anyway) to the cause of getting me there. :laughing:


I hate you! :slight_smile:

I seriously wish I had your problem right now, especially with wars coming up there’s a bunch of things which I thought I’d never level (Kelile) that I will be to at least 60 and maybe 70 depending how ascension items are looking over time.

That’s before I get to the research I still haven’t done, or the watchtower that was level 3 till the other day… and that takes ham too (why SG, why? Did you forget about this one when you switched the other buildings?), or the troops that are now piling up.

Le sigh, moar food plz! I didn’t even see a food roll in the beta AW, ■■■■ it!


lol… yours is a ‘nice’ problem to have.

My investment in money has been low (£80-odd) and split my spare time between games, and have been playing since August or so last year. Really haven’t had the time to build the sort of hero stable where food is a factor.

(If ever I do I will be digging up your old posts on guidance to power-levelling them. Some excellent stuff).


Yeah my alt which I haven’t spent nearly as much on (for all that it just gets dumbly lucky, like ABSURDLY lucky) is admittedly in a better situation for food but that’s also because it’s in a casual alliance where if I hang out sub 2000 cups it’s no big deal. There just isn’t that many tasty treat targets at the higher levels, and raiding at the top for 276 ham, that nearly made me cry today haha.

There are ways around it in terms of being less efficent, and SG really needs to fix the raid incentives to get people to stop dropping cups… I topped the leaderboard for somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes today (if someone in alliance chat hadn’t noticed it I would’ve missed it: screencapped, been there, done that got the t-shirt!) and already I’m done with it: just too much to do unfortunately in terms of further development now and playing in the highest echelons is really ugly from a food income perspective.

So I sandbag as one of the scourges of the game I guess as people have been complaining about on the forums… make everybody happy and fix it please SG? :slight_smile:



wow congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your replies, dears!
I will forward them to my guild buddy.

Yeah, reading your replies, I also think that his cups may be too low for the defense team that he put up.


When do I not get attacked in raids? :joy:


I get raided a ton. I usually put up sexy looking teams for mid tier people to feel good about beating and leave a noticeable amount of materials in the tower to take. For example 0 I was running a maxed Perseus, and then level 1 domitia, Quintus, hu tao, and Colen. I shook it up because somehow it was winning more than I wanted it to (I raid to fill the chests so keep a generally constant trophy number).


Guyz, who get attacked constantly, can you tell your cups and team power, please.


I am between 1000-1500 depending on how crazy the raiding is - team power 2500-2800 depending on configuration - I shake it up to keep it interesting and slide in people I am leveling sometimes. Now its Quint, Domitia, Leonidas almost to level 60 on 2nd tier, level 60 kiril, level 42 tier 2 rigard. 2670 power.


Everyone likes pounding on this lineup.


Strange, im in the same cups category, but a little more teampower, not even single attack for more than month


See - same type of thing in terms of power and sexyness of the team :slight_smile:

And one other note - there are those that complain about being tricked and revenged and smoked by teams (just like I do) - people look at the players LEVEL. A level 43 guy who’s showing 2 rare 5* likely has a team power of 3500+ waiting to smash you. I’m level 39 at almost 3800 power so I fill the raid chest real quick.


Well, that’s why you put a somewhat real looking team up if you are really trying to drop cups.

Like Havok’s picture, something with actual levels on it.


I figured after last event there may be some that want to release anger and beat on Morgan a bit, lol.

I like attacking others with event heroes in defense team. Makes raids a tiny bit more interesting when I’m not solely filling hero chest or hunting for food.