When do we get new heroes?

So it seems to me that atlantis this go around is lacking in any new heroes which got me thinking. When do we actually get new heroes for summons? Supposedly we have new heroes coming up for Halloween which is going to be exciting. Should we expect 1 or 2 new heroes every event? I would be happy even if they just added new 3* heroes…

Atlantis is passed. Valhalla is the new kid on the block.


The only thing that will change for Atlantis is the set of featured past HotMs. In a few months, Telly will pop up, for one.

If you want to get some news regarding upcoming heroes, you can check the #beta-beat tagged threads - there’s info on future HotM, future s3 hero releases, new event releases, and the new Halloween heroes.


Familiar with beta-beat. It’s a shame they let map1 go to waste and now atlantis is. Besides resources and maybe getting a hero you don’t have, atlantis seems pointless. They should just combine map 1 and 2 heroes into the regular epic summons and do away with atlantis tokens.


Indeed. And it seems like they’re setting the stage for something like that. Certainly, when S3 ages out, it just won’t make sense to maintain Atlantis as a separate event. Asgard Rises will become the new “old portal” Event, Atlantis Coins will disappear, and S4 will become the new “new portal” event.

The big question will be, will Atlantis Heroes go into the Asgard portal as Featured Heroes, or will they get rolled into the TC/Epic Portal ecosystem? And if they go into the TC/Epic system, do the collective odds of Epic and Legendary appearances go up, or do they just all get lumped in together?

Or will the game go off the air before that? Enquiring minds want to know!


The issue is new players. If they combine the epic pulls, what happens for players yet to run through atlantis? I haven’t foreseen a solution yet. Been thinking about token fragments and some conversion system. 100 atlantis coins equal 1 epic token? 1 costume? 1 tavern?

Food for thought

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I’m assuming S1+S2 are going to get combined somewhere after January when Valhalla finishes. As others have said, there will have to be something productive to do with Atlantis tokens, though, as it wouldn’t be fair to new players to have them be useless…

Oh dear, I don’t think we need new heroes. The issue with this game I think is way too many heroes, and not enough gameplay to use them on… Like even now I have a bench of legendary maxed heroes which I am almost not using anymore, because everywhere I can only take 5 and I always find 5 which are better.

The rate at which we receive new heroes is one of the issues I’d say, and not something I would want to increase.


Absolutely, especially the last 12-15 month with the update of the events and Valhalla throwed so many new heroes to the game like never before.

that just means map1 and map2 will just be down time for players who completed them and don’t need those heroes. guess its OK then. Resources are resources so thats a positive.

I thought that it was somewhat different, ‘cause I’ve been getting the same heroes from TC20 and summons for some time now.
Beside the 3’s, ikeep getting Boldy, Sonya, Mel, and the odd lil’ john on a regular basis.
Oh well.
Have fun.

I don’t know if I fully understand the question.
We get, by default, one new hero every month.
Valhalla is adding one hero per month, also, until somewhere 2021 (January is last confirmed, more may come after that).
Also a new 12 months old HotM is being added to Tavern of Legends and Hero’s Academy lvl10 every month.
Morlovia is getting new heroes.
Ninja Tower will come soon, with a new set of heroes.

I actually feel the hero count is increasing too fast.
And I’m still trying to get S1 heroes :frowning:

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