When do they lock defense levels for war?

When the war starts or when the matchup is done?

A player asked me because they were leveling a hero for their defense team and I couldn’t answer them.

Can set your war defense team until the war starts.

Ok so once the war starts then, your team is locked or screenshot and any further leveling of defense team heroes is not reflected to the other team… ie: your team doesn’t change for them.

Is that how it works?

To clarify, you can level defense team heroes until the war starts and the levels count, but leveling them after the war starts doesn’t make your defense team better… ?

On a War tab there is a countdown that shows time before a phase. Currently it shows me 3 hour before a matching phase. Once the match is done you’ll have 24 hours to prepare defense teams. But you can continue ascending even when a war is in active phase.

That’s the part I’m looking for. I know ascended heroes count all levels for attacking, but do they also raise your defense DURING the war if they are on your defense?

If you level or ascend a hero that is on your defense team, all the changes are reflected on the battlefield also - the hero gets stronger.

Heroes not on the defence team uses values they have when you use them for attack.


Here is a quote from AW description:

  • The Defense Team cannot be edited once the war starts. Changes to heroes used in defense (leveling them up or losing them in training) are reflected in the composition of the Defense Team.

So, you can’t change a set of defense heroes and their order in a lineup, but all the changes in their strength are effective in a real time.


That’s what I was looking for, perfect! Thank you!

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Does this increase the amount of points their worth?

Since the points is divide from all the players i guess you can see a 1 point rise or maybe 2 but that’s difficult…


I actually haven’t paid attention to that detail?! It just may?! My defense team is all fully leveled, except waiting on that last tonic for Lianna, I’m thinking your point value probably does change as well though!

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I dont use unmaxed heros on war defense either

My friend on the other hand…well that’s a different story lol

If my memory does work ok this time, then yes. I recall 1 point increase in my teams value once.

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I thought so as well. Figure any increase in health, would be an increase in point value

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This is actually the first war i have had all maxed heros in.

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Feels good don’t it?

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Yes! Although that’s just my defense. I have one team of 4* at 3/60, 2 teams of maxed 3* and one team of 5* at 2/60.
It’s really tough to keep fleshing out my war teams before i work on 5* cards!
If i think about it, I’ll try and pay attention to point value when i get my last tonic and Lianna is leveling up.

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Something has been troubling me regarding the AW mechanics, especially this particular statement from the V.15 release.

◦Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle.

I know it’s was two release ago and when it was first announced, a few players asked about this before in the forum but no one really answered. I had thought it just meant that you can update/rearrange your hero rosters any time during war prep period (and once war starts you can’t adjust it any longer), but why doesn’t the Devs just say so? The way it was worded seems to suggest it was as long as it was not currently being fought by any enemy team, you can edit the team, which just opens up a can of worms in which players could sub out injured heroes with fresh ones.

I also had forgotten if when AW first started, once you set your defense team before war starts, you no longer had the ability to edit it until the next war, and this statement was meant to address this issue.

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What they mean, is that anytime outside of an active war, not when your team is being attacked. They are not changeable during the 24 hours of war.

What they DO mean, is that you can change your war defense before the prep period, after the war is final and the matchmaking hasn’t started yet.