When do i take measures. Magni won't get his special leveled. I won't have a 3/8 special in the end

I have Magni at 2/22 and did it in just 3 days. I use my 3 TC’s on just producing blue heroes giving me 1’s and 2’s every hour, and sometimes get trainers which i use.

I think i raised some 30 times to get him to 2-22. At what time i must stop giving him 1’s and 2’s and use 3’s to level up? He’s just on 2/8 beause he leveled to tier 2 …

Am i just having lots of bad luck or should i change my strategy and IF, then when? Appreciating your answers :smiley:

Edit: i leveled Marjana same way and she’s already on 3/8 just being on tier 1/42… :smiley:

Edit 2: i typically get 5 2 and 5 1 and get around 30% chance for raising. Same i got with Marjana…

It’s pure luck really… I put 3 Aeron and 7 1* purple to give my Aeron as food… it was 89% chance to level up the super, aaaaaand… … … nothing!
But keep leveling, don’t worry about color. In 5* case, you will give him so many heroes that eventually his super will level. I’ve never seen a 5* max leveled not 8/8

Did the same thing with 4 Ares and the 5th didn’t level up. Never lucky.

Wow that’s not possible, if you give 4 of the same it gives you 100% chance to level up special… you had a bug or something, because everytime worked fine for me

Fear not, your Magni will be 8/8 in the end, taking into account the amount of fodders you’ll throw at him along the road to 4/80.

Its not a bug, a day I tried to feed my 3* doubles and with 11 chances of 25% I’ve leveled 0 specials, another day I leveled a hero twice with 20 chances of 1-4%.
Try to level him with 20% chance (all blues of 1*, good chance to not so many exp) or >40% (all blues over 2*, highest exp and chance), its the strategy that work better for me.

Random is a random thing :sunglasses:

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It’s just bad luck. I have a Morgan who wouldn’t shift past 4 of 8 by the time I hit 2/60. OTOH every other 5* hero I’ve worked on has hit 8 on their special before that point, even those I stopped being careful with at 6 because I had ascensions planned.

I did some math on leveling up, cost of food/fodder heroes, and chance to increase special…

BEST odds are using same color 1*'s
Next best are using same color 2*s. (2* feeders have twice the chance, but give more than twice the experience, so you get to use less than half as many, so chances are actually lower.

Using 3* feeders is worse odds, 4*'s are even worse still, and Trainer Heroes are even worse odds of increasing special than an off-color 1* or 2*! (Because you get so many XP)

I also did the math on leveling up assuming an average of 7 1* and 3 2* (Maybe 50/50 is more realistic? I dunno…) and calculated the EXPECTED number of special increases, given how much experience you need to get to various places:

5*, 2/60 – 7.4 expected for 9/8 – in other words, MOST 5* heroes will hit 8/8 before they need ascension items, 'tho if you have bad luck you might not quite.
5*, 3/70 – 17.7 expected – in other words, luck so bad as to not get there doesn’t really exist!

In fact, you have half the odds (roughly) if you feed him a rainbow, and taking a 5* to 3/70 is still almost certain to get 8/8 special.

Things are better for your 4*/60, almost certain to be 8/8…
And it is tighter for your 3*/50, expected special is 7.9/8 … in other words half the time leveling with that mix you won’t get all the way there.

If you are really concerned, give all your 1*s to somebody still working on their special…and your 2*s and especially trainers to somebody who is at 8/8.

Also, note, that food used to level up is double at level 51 what it is at level 1. So using your trainers for the ones at high levels will save you food.


be patient… sometimes with only 2% the special get up, it’s only luck.

Thanks for the advices. I just got 1 level. Now on 3/8.

5blues 4yellow and 1 green. some 14%… keeps feeling weird. :smiley:

Some unsolicited advice: Don’t use color specific training to make feeder heroes. They are expensive and time consuming. Use training 1, 2 or 11 for your feeder needs. Use training 19 when you get to that point.


Thanks for this all of you. Just like to have one advice (maybe @Rook who knows everything). I don’t seem to find swords lately. I tried 16.1, 12.9, 20.4, 8.7 and 9.1 and i don’t seem to find too much swords while i’m in terrible need of them…

I thought there must be some sheet over here where to find where the swords are farmed. Or just suggestions where to find them. I’d like to find a bonanza :slight_smile:

In the mean time Magni has gone to 4/8, so 2 needed by feeding and 2 needed by leveling :slight_smile: Like said by people that must go to 8/8 :smiley:

According to the game, province 4 has more swords…If you want backpacks, province 5 has more of them. But the efficiency of farming anything else like food, iron, experience, crafting items, or ascension items in those levels sucks, so I wouldn’t bother.

These days I’m farming 12.9, unless I’ve got a monster chest to fill, in which case I’m farming 7.4; I was farming higher levels like 20-4, but I started running low on recruits.

But that won’t solve your problem…here is the solution I’d recommend for you: If your TCs are at 11 or greater, put your recruits into that; otherwise put them into 4. Get them all a day or a week ahead (more won’t hurt) , then look at your inventory, and if your swords or backpacks have caught up, let your lowest level TC run dry, adjusting it down to the last hero currently in progress, and start it on swords or backpacks. You can take extras out of the 4/11 queue and move them into the 1/2 queue. When you run out of both swords and backpacks, switch it back to 4 or 11 and restart the cycle.


BarryWuzHere offers some good advice (diversify your holdings) :grin:

Thanks for the compliment, but I most certainly dont know everything! The other players here do! :wink:


This morning with only 1* Brand, so 2% , special attack has upgrade :^)

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Magni now 3-15 and 8/8… :smiley:
So everyone has right :smiley:


Actually this is not unheard of, appereantly the 100% is not really 100%, we can assume that it is effectively 99%.

That is why I do 3 of the same card, 7 2* same color or 6 2* and a 1* same color - just in case there’s something that makes 100% less than 100% when feeding 4 of the same card.

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I was able to take Squire Wabbit to 7/8 before final ascension. Fed him 1* reds one at a time and got him to 3/41 still at 7/8 skill.
Did 1 46% and went to 8/8. I was getting really worried but it worked out fine.

My second Rigard I am leveling was at 2/21 and 2/8 special. Then he went nuts and at 2/34 he’s at 6/8. RNG, RNG, RNG…