When did you stop VIP due to base completion?

I am wondering at what base building point those that have done VIP but stopped due to having a base completed enough to their satisfaction.

My VIP just ran out and in a couple days my second Advanced Farm will be at A10, stronghold at 23, Advanced Mines at A6 and A4, storages maxed, forge at 19, Advanced House at A9, Hunter’s Lodge at 1, and Barracks at 9.

I could do another month or two of VIP and finish everything, but there doesn’t seem much benefit left. What do you think?

I have completed mostly all my buildings Barr a couple of Ad food and Ad house and don’t really need the VIP Pass anymore for it’s second builder.

But I still get it for the loot tickets and gems plus with the PoV these days it doesn’t hurt to have the extra daily summons per day.

Really it’s what you feel works best for you.

I find spending 8 bucks a month and keeping it at that provides me with plenty of benefits and enjoyment without to much stress. Plus the PoV pass which I will also get as those little extra rewards are a bargain when think about it.

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I keep the VIP for the gems, loot tix, and emblem. My base is built up to the point of not being able to use the second builder, but I think its still worth it


Gems, loot tickets, and emblems are good, and will likely be a reason I continue VIP in the future with short breaks between monthly VIPs, but for me as a very low money paying player, I could see going to free to play easily. I have only paid for VIP and the Valor Pass after I had Valor complete. I am sitting on 18k gems, 435 loot tickets, and more emblems than I have food/iron to use.

May I ask what you spend the extra $3-4 on?

WHAT 3 or 4… À VIP Pass here is worth $7.99 per month.

And the PoV is $15 bucks

Yeah, honestly I think the 900 gems looters and 30 emblems is worth the cost

But it isn’t essential. I’m just finishing the storages with my single builder the slow way, and it isn’t a problem. If there was any real payoff to doing the farms and mines I would, but the opportunity cost of those upgrades in downtime is huge for only an incremental gain

So I let my second builder lapse ages ago, and haven’t really missed it. In my view the remaining parts of VIP aren’t really worth the expense when you’re in the end game.

Only thing I spend on is Valhalla now, just for the fact that you can get stuff there I don’t have. When you only need two more S1 heroes for the full set (curse you Magni and Vivica) normal summons with high S1 drop rates aren’t worth it. I’m just running one TC20 to try to get those last two - it may take some time

Drop rates on remaining portals aren’t good enough to get my cash, for Atlantis for example I only need the 5s now, only have one, but honestly rates are so slow there is no payoff. If VIP changed your drop rates for heroes or mats (and maybe it should) then I would gladly subscribe

Oh, clicked your info and see Australia. 8 AUD = 5 USD roughly, got it now.