When did you pull THAT hero?

Possibly season event Sand Empire

I remember when and how I got my 5* non vanilla heroes for the most part, a few more hazy than others cause I wasn’t excited lol… but I’ll start off with my first 4*.

  1. Sabina, I was a couple weeks into the game and a 2nd anniversary present came up with some Atlantis coins, and out came Sabina my first 4*! Very helpful early but she now sits until a costume comes.

  2. Anzogh (#1) - easy enough to remember being first 5* and HOTM defines the time in which is occured. Single pull summon. Still use him all the time.

  3. Ranvir, I got him and my first Wu Kong off the same summon, it was kind of ironic haha. I don’t use as much now that I have bertulf, but he comes out for purple Titans.

  4. Seshat, got her just as my tc20 started producing some 5* and she saved me from using Obakan. Still use her all the time!

  5. grimble, purchased some summons for Christmas and Christmas heroes. I was initially disappointed, but he has become a constant use with all the minion heroes out now.

  6. Vela, off a single pull during guardians, was very happy at the time but now she collects dust after all the excessive nerfs.

  7. ursena, had completed s2 with no 5*, had purchased a 10x during the February portal and was able to get her, she was still the best tank at the time until the next month. I still use her all the time.

  8. telluria, the only hero I ever chased during the s3 portal, but honestly I would have been happy with heimdall at the time cause I didn’t get mother north and… After nerfs I was upset I didn’t get heimdall over her. She mainly collects duat these days where heimdall I bet I could use more frequently. Lesson learned NEVER chase a hero, SGG WILL screw you over.

  9. malosi, free pull, very happy with him and use all the time

  10. Zocc, another single free pull, happy with him use him all the time.

  11. Bai yeong #1, free pull early in the month. Another staple in my primary yellow team, blind has saved me so much haha.

  12. Bai yeong #2, what can I say covid times, I was hoping for something in season 3 and out came another Bai. Don’t use him very frequently

  13. Krampus, last day of Christmas summons in January I got krampus on a 10x. Still wanted mother but was not disappointed and use him.all the time.

  14. costume khagan, seriously why him over the other featured costume marjana. So disppointed haha… Same month as krampus. Free pull at least… He does get used in events and rush war at least.

  15. Lepiota first month of s4 off a single, use her all the time.

  16. Skadi, finally a s3 5*, in June off a 10x, use her all the time, love my s3 hero!

  17. Costume Elena off a key pull. September, decent pull, used her on Titans until the HOTM family bonuses and rush wars. Not the best but get some use.

  18. Garjammal, the beginning of an epic October where I got the most non season 1 5* ever off a freebie. Use her all the time still.

  19. Morel, hey a top hero!l on a free pull! Love using him, often in defense and helps in offence with skadi.

  20. costume Francine, we wouldn’t you know who shows up after LB almur on a free pull! Still a very good cap to October and a frequent use hero.

  21. quartz - been on a bit of a drought, and a ninja 5* off a free token pull. At first read he seemed like a bulkier costume rigard, but with some use I have found the ability to choose when to use special is SO useful to cleanse damage off quicker or save for a larger Regen/attack buff. Gets used all the time.

  22. Perseus, 2nd ha 10 hero, he gets some occasional use, kinda hoping for another 2017 HOTM to make use of the Mana family bonus and magic troops but that’s just wishful thinking .

  23. Guardian chameleon, first soul exchange grab, get some occasional use but I need to work on green troops to use more average heroes and expiriment more.

  24. zagrog, off a free pull but really haven’t found a good home for him yet offensively.

  25. Silveria, tried 2 10x on season 5 and this is what I got, haven’t maxed yet but most likely will when I have tonics.

  26. Kara, another great free pull summon during costume chamber . Working on maxing in 4th tier and will iimit break. Expect to use all the time based on krampus experience.

  27. lady of the lake - second soul Exchange, loving using her so far, Mana cut minions has been epic in wars and towers even before she was finished… She is finished now so dedicating more to Kara.

  28. Nyx - 10x during summer solastice, she looks great, excited to max.

I can’t remember exactly when I got costume domitia, but she was a free key pull, I don’t use her often now. I also don’t know exactly when I got Anzogh #2 from ha10, somewhere between costume khagan and skadi. Was not excited at the time but I do use him all the time now.

There are some other 4* I do remember when I got them but this is already a very long post lol

So I covered all 29 non season 1 (but including costumes) that I have, a decent mix between paid and free:

Free: 21
Paid: 8

Reminder to self: I have better luck with free lol.

  1. Pulled Gravemaker, Marjana, Kageburado, Gefjon, while walking my dog, on separate days of course. Gefjon came hewn it was raining and I stopped at a spot to do single pulls.

  2. Gazelle came while doing the Teltoc challenge event on my couch at home.

  3. Lord Loki (LoLo) came in an early morning pull when I couldn’t go to sleep as was home alone. Thought of doing a pull at a time, I had never done. I couldn’t shout as neighbours would have come running… :rofl:

  4. Krampus costume of a late night pull with EHT got from Mystic vision. I started a topic about 5* heroes from Mystic Vision got on this forum.

There are many ore, which I will add to this comment later :slight_smile:


I only hero that i remember exactly when and where i was when i got them is Krampus. I had stayed up late on NYE, was sitting in bed about to go to sleep, but it was after midnight so the free EHT gift was there, got it, dropped it in the portal and he popped out! what a nice 2021 New Year’s present. :grin:


Most of my pulls are planned and I’m either at work on waking up. I recall staying up until midnight for the halloween event because I had like 50 EHTs saved up. Very first pull Costume Vanda! Granted, the next 40+ pulls were all 4star or less but damn was I happy when Vanda dropped. Still use her all the time and she’s a pill on defense.