When did you pull THAT hero?

Do you remember when and what were you doing when you pulled your heroes?

@sleepyhead gave me an idea :slightly_smiling_face:


aw coolio @Theo87 glad I gave you this fun idea :wink:

I mainly remember my key 5* and some of the top 4*, because of how happy I was when I got them. in rough chronological order…

  1. Gormek and Aegir came together with an EHT, while I was 1 month new to the game. I was waiting for French language class to start
  2. Proteus came from Atlantis coins, while I was at the bus station in Bordeaux. I had just arrived and was having pain au chocolat and coffee while waiting to check in to my AirBnb. I was about 3 months into the game, but already knew Proteus would be amazing
  3. Sir Lancelot came from gem pull, sitting in my temp apartment, I almost rage quit the game because I was always losing raids. I decided to buy a gem deal and got him from that :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Aeron while on the bus to work
  5. Lepus, while I was in the Istanbul airport waiting for my flight home
  6. I got Seshat while sitting on the couch waiting for bedtime
  7. Malosi appeared while I was making white wine cocktails for my man at the end of a very tough workweek for both of us, at his place
  8. Francine, while I was just waking up, and I nearly gave my man a heart attack because of how loud I yelled lol
  9. Santa while making morning coffee, and I nearly gave my man a heart attack again
  10. Bera was pulled while taking a break from finishing a report at my home office
  11. Yang Mai while on the bus to grandma
  12. Devana while getting ready for work - I got her almost as soon as she became available, lol

The only 5* that truly mattered to me was Raffaele.

Yes you read that right.

I was lvl 20 give or take a couple levels and I was on my last straw for this game. My best hero was Caedmon and boldtusk 2-50 at the time and for the life of me I couldn’t win any raid or progress in season 1 stages. I still don’t understand many aspects of the game yet but I wanted to call it quits. Then, out of no where, while I was using my hero token on ELEMENTAL SUMMON PORTAL (you read right again), Raffaele popped out! I was thrilled! My first ever 5*! Notion of quiting disappeared and I bring him everywhere. Raid, war, quest, everywhere. Raffaele truly the 1 hero that mattered for keeping me here.

He’s 3-70 and still taking up space in my roster. Yes, it didn’t take long for me to understand he’s a turd of a 5* but he did his job.


I envy you for your memory. I can’t even remember the circumstances of pulling Quintin, who is my hallmark pull so far, my only A+ hero in 4 years…

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glad Raffaele was a turning point for you @Ham.Cheese !!

@Ian487 , I only remember these situations cause of how happy I was and/or the strong reactions of those around me lol… they tended to be more linked to the situation I think (getting Proteus and Lepus while traveling), or else being my very first lucky pulls, or in the case of Bera being my only S3 5*, summoned after using ALL my free coins and a gem 10-pull and still getting nothing. PS, congrats on Quintin, a good one for sure!


Your post made me want to say:
“I pulled Dawa while on a jet to Paris, and Brienne while lounging on the beaches of Monaco”, but nothing like that would be remotely true. I was probably in the loo at work (same as for war fights), or feigning illness when I pulled any decent heroes. :smiley: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


A lot of mine were pulled in our local Costa coffee shop. I meet my friend most days and we pretty sadly sit and play E&P :joy:

So whenever I got a good 5* it would annoy him so I started saving a lot of my summons for our daily catch up.

For sure he was there when I got all 3 Halloween 5* + Costumes in 41 EHT. Francine on number 16, Randa on 19 and then Vic on number 41.

Didn’t quite have the same luck at Xmas when I just got Santa from 65 or nothing from 60 odd in Easter


A super fun topiuc, and @Cheds I really like that you had someone to be competitive with on your pulls! I’d like to say that mine were exciting, but in fact, most of my pulls tend to either be on the morning commute into the office, or in fact when I’m working from home (or should be working as the case may be!)

I can’t say that any of my pulls have been at bizarre moments. What I do know though, is that my first ever portal to pull on, was Challenge Festival 1 when they just released the costumes, and that first portal was and still is by far my luckiest portal to date, and so will always fill me with joy and excitement when it rolls around.


I remember most of my 5* heroes. I started the game February 19 2020 ( checked in Apple playstore). Springvale 2020 was my first seasonal event. I had 2 4* heroes ( Kelile and Li Xiu) both at 3/60. A maxed Balthasar, Hawkmoon and the yellow 2* Healer, maxed with 20 emblems to have a second healer.
With this awful lot I managed to snag the EHT from normal mode, and the summon gave me Master Lepus. I needed six more months to get the six scopes to max him, but he was my first game changer.
In May or June 2020, I got an EHT from an elemental chest, it was a green one, and I summoned Obakan. I had all the mats from chests and MV , so I could ascend him immediately. The next Month (July I think) I finished Season2 and with the 300 coins got the HotM, Noor. I started ascending Noor immediately. She was nearly unusable in war and raids but was a big help on S3 stages and in challenge events. With her I was able to finish the challenge events in Legendary mode which gave me a huge increase in loot. In August my first TC20 started working and gave me an Azlar, he is still at 3/70. A second TC20 followed. They spawned two Marjanas, a Richard, a Lianna, a Sartana and a Kadilen till christmas 2020. They were all maxed as fast as possible. I saved all EHT after starting my TC20 to chase Mother north in December. She eluded me but I got a second Richard, a Santa and Reuben. I started to save all coins for February. I had no yellow 5* and wanted Uraeus badly. In January TC20 gave me Leonidas and Domitia, and I finished S3 normal and hard mode. February came and I used all saved coins. Some 12 S3 summons gave me Gefjon and with the last summon came Uraeus-mission accomplished. I had lots of 5* heroes to work on and not enough mats for all. In March 2021 came the then monthly costume chamber and I did four summons expecting nothing and got costumed Elkanen, my first legendary costume and the HotM Malicna. Later that month TC20 gave me Magni. In April was my second Springvale, I wished for Killhare but got a second Lepus and the HotM, Frosth. Also in April TC20 presented me with a Horghall, which I never worked on and finally gave to the second Soul Exchange.
The next four costume chambers gave me the HotM Yang Mai, Elradir and Devana and the costumes of Joon and Elena. I did six or seven summons the last day of Sandempire in July and got costumed Rana. In August Chakkoszrot entered my bench, I do not know which portal it was, the same month TC20 gave me a Vivica. In September only a Justitia from TC20 was mentionable, but in October was the Halloween seasonal. Twelve saved coins and the two from the event gave me costumed Vanda and Russel, the HotM. Saved all EHTs and gems for Christmas. Only seven EHTs but they gave me Hanitra. I saved enough gems for my first 10-pull. Still chasing Mother North. I got Mr. Pengi instead, he is awsome. In January 2022 I had saved 35 keys for the now bimonthly costume chamber, got Obakans costume and the HotM, Viscaro. In January too TC20 spawns a Thorne. Did not work on him. He got exchanged with Horghall and 8 dupes in SE, but one after the other.
In February 2022 I finished S4 normal and hard and had enough coins for 24 summons. I hoped for Xnolphod or Morel but got „ only“ the HotM Iris. In March was my third Springvale, all ten saved EHTs gave me costumed Killhare, my new wartank.
In April I was able to do four summons with free coins in the festival challenge event, and got Sylvaria, the HotM. Then came May, 45 keys for costume chamber hoping for Kara- nothing. I used all (6-7) EHTs I got since Springvale. I had cRana already and was only interested in the HotM, Kara. Got costumed Roc as a consolation price.
Then I exchanged 8 dupes, Horghall and Thorne in SE and got Norns. Will use them for Mythic Titans and war.
Finally one day later 05/31/22 TC20 gave me Isarnia.
Thats all from my limited roster so far…,.

Happy gaming


A bunch of us real life buddies decided to create an alliance together. They had all gotten Telly and I didn’t and we used green tanks because of that. My tank was Kashhrek for forever it seemed like. I did a 30 pull in valhalla once when Heimdall was featured and I didn’t get him. I doubled down and did just ONE more ten pull and got him. I was over the moon, because I’d gotten a REAL tank.


Pretty much do all my pulls for 3 years now sitting in my chair in the backyard with a coffee or beer in hand while listening to the birds and watching my dog do silly dog things!


lol it might be a sign that I play this game too much, pulling heroes while in Bordeaux or Istanbul :rofl: though in my defense these were while at the airport/bus station so…

sadly unlike others, I don’t know anyone “in real life” who plays. though maybe not sadly. I also don’t really recommend it to anyone…


Memory!? Wait, what’s my age again? :thinking: :man_mage:
All I can say is that I certainly summoned most of my 5*s while sitting on the :couch_and_lamp:. That’s how I do it most of the time, prepare the pulls and then do them relaxed in the evening.
But there is a story I will always remember. I’ve posted it somewhere before. I’ve been waiting for Lianna for a long time, unfortunately without success. @TGW then told me if I really wanted it badly, I would never get it. I then tried to get rid of my desire. A few days later, Lianna appeared. :crazy_face:


So… It boils down to… Unwishing it badly? :thinking::grin:


Found the conversation again.


I do remember when, but no clue where or what I was doing.

Aeron, first 5* ever when he was HOTM (April 2018). At first I thought it was a glitch since I had already received a hero for that EHT and then a SECOND ONE APPEARED!?!?! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:
Later I figured out that is what HOTM’s do.

Ariel, when first featured in Atlantis (Feb 2019). I was actually hoping for Wilbur. Didn’t get him for another year. So … a very pleasant surprise and is still my most-used hero.

Marjana in Jan 2020 from TC20. My first red 5* after getting multiples (and multiple dupes) in every other colour. She started a streak of 3 red 5* from TC20 in a week.

As for where … most likely same place as @RedRobyn :rofl:


Great topic, had a few memorable ones over the years:

  • Milena - on the toilet last Saturday
  • Sir Roostley & Master Lepus - back-to-back while waiting at the hairdresser
  • Motega - saved up 4x10 summons for first Magic Tower and got nothing…had enough gems for two more summons, did it in anger and he popped out on the last one
  • Gregorion & Domitia - first 10 pull early on, was about to quit but getting two 5s convinced me to keep going

What a fun topic to read through, thank you for sharing :heart: :100:

I’m afraid that I can’t quite recall any exciting place I was, when summoning, most likely because I rarely do it and then only do it when I’m home :blush:

most of THE heroes i pulled i was either half way into a breakdown over the gems wasted or setting up a prayer circle

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there’s no hero token in elemental summon portal