When did I start playing this game? / How long have I played? / When did I install the game?

I think it’s been around 2 and a half years is there any way i can see the date I started playing this game? If so can any one help me to find how? Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


The little badge next to the sign in/Sign out button. You select that and look back to when you completed the tutorial

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Is that on Android? I don’t see this on iOS

Yes, that is an android feature. It isn’t on IOS.

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I wanted to know the same thing a while ago cos I’m doing some kind of research of TC20 summons, AM drop and game evolution in general (I like statistics and spreadsheets :grin:). Asked support if they can told me when I started to play ( I downloaded the game and let it rest a few month before became active :sweat_smile:) or at least when I joined my first alliance. No useful info from them. Don’t understand why I can’t have access to my own info, many other apps, not only games, let you download your history if you ask for it. Playing in IOS there.

I would love to be able to see how long I have been playing the game… I know it shows how long u have been in an alliance but I changed alliances, justfood for thought


Hi I’m sorry I might sound stupid but what is that??

That shows how long I’ve played(completed tutorial 1st day)

In game go to options

It’s a little Ribbon beside the logout button

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In the game, go the the menu at the bottom. Go to the gear icon and then hit on the BLUE RIBBON.

I think that only works on Android. Not on Apple iOS.

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Sorry, I never thought of that!

Next solution:

Buy an android

Lol jk happy new year

On iPhone can’t you check the app store and see when you installed the game?


What @Rigs said works (the purchase history, not buying an Android lol)

App Store > Account > Purchased > My Purchases > search for Empires & Puzzles


To be fair, i think both solutions would work(if any of you buys an android after this, let me know, i want my cut)



:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


It works! I’ve always wondered the date. Knew it was around Christmas but not exact day. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. Nobody got me a gift! :disappointed:

And I know I’ve been in the forum longer than it says. I was stalking at first. Then I tried opening accounts on forum multiple times and it kept getting directed to my spam email. I just didn’t care enough to fish for it. I don’t remember why I finally fished for it and completed opening my account. I must have been here stalking 3 months before my anniversary date.


I’m doing something wrong; it shows no date for me:


I know I’ve been here since April 2017, though…

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Hmm, I notice your display of the game title looks a bit different too. Perhaps you’re running a different version of iOS?

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Works for me on latest iOS
Go to App Store, click on yourself at top right, and select “purchased” from the Account screen.
Shows all purchases with date installed.


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