When did hero of the month change it's time

Pretty much what the title says. I live on the east coast and it used to be 7 p.m. the night before the new month that we would get a new hotm. I haven’t played as much in recent times when did it change to a different time

East coast meaning east coast USA? I don’t ever recall things happening around that time, though I could be proven wrong. Most things appear to occur around 1 AM or 2 AM my time as thats 9 AM or 10 AM Helsinki time. 7 PM your time is 2 AM Helsinki time which seems like an odd time in case something goes wrong.

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Just look at the countdown timer in the summons portal. All will become clear


It was 00:00 UTC, which is 7pm Eastern, back in March 2019 when Frida was released.

Anzogh, the April 2019 HOTM, launched at 07:00 UTC, which is 2am/3am Eastern (depending on Daylight Savings).

I think it’s been the same since then.


Thanks @zephyr1

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Things always end for me at 1:00A.M. Mountain Time like wars and Challenge Events, but the Summon changes at 11:00PM and Special Offers end at midnight such as the Valhalla Day 3 Offer.

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