When coming Wars of Alliances?

With my friends we all awaiting

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Maybe released for Christmas or New Year :thinking:
Nobody knows for sure yet. Coming soon for sure per below post :grinning:

Christmas and New Years is over and no alliance wars, much like the time frame for season 2 all we hear is its coming, its coming. And sometime in 2018, and its only the begining of the year. It would be nice to get a better straight forward answer from admin.

Straight answer: Alliance Wars has been in Beta testing for roughly a month. SG is not releasing it until the kinks are worked out, but it is indeed coming.

Season 2 is not in Beta yet, but I believe it’s coming after AW.

I’m grateful that other items have not been delayed by Alliance Wars, and thrilled to see the long-desired double builder added. :wink:


Thank you very much, i liked that answer much better.
I appreciate the quick response and honesty.

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Huh…even day people go another game…interest Lost…
PvP no good too …
wait more…

The truth is the truth. Folks will be patient or they won’t.

I want to see Alliance Wars; I believe it will be here shortly, so I am patient. :wink:

As am i, its something different…by tbe way rook, are you a member of E&P recruitment chat on line? I think i saw your name pop up there

See PM. :slight_smile:

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