When can new alliances participate in war?


A group of about 15 of us recently left our old alliance to create a new one, simply because the previous leaders became inactive and were dragging us down. Now we are curious, when will we be able to participate in wars again? Are there minimums that have to be met?


You will have your next war normally like other alliances in next war time.
But your members must be level 12+ to join the war.


Thanks for the reply. Isn’t the next war time today? Because we didn’t get paired with anyone. We created the alliance two days ago, and are at 23 members now. Not sure if any of that makes a difference.


No war on september 20-23, maintenance break ! The next one is wesnesday


Diggin’ up not to set up new thread. We have currently alliance of 13 firm members (all of them over 12l v). It’s second time now “matching in progress” message is displayed (after countdown has reached 0:00) and nothing happens. Our war strength is 81k. The same happened during previous war matching.
Is there any minimum number of members that are required for war?