When builders become useless- beta tester info... are you maxed out on building?

I am 7 days away from complete max on all my buildings.
Hunters lodge, alchemy lab and hero academy all at level 10, all advanced buildings at level 10, stronghold at level 25 and all remaining buildings at level 20.

So my builders will become useless…unless

Do any beta testers know if there are any further building upgrades being tested or considered?

Or am i really 7 days away from maximum capacity?

As i understand it, my last 7 days are spent getting the alchemy lab to level 10, and i believe i do not have to research AL level 10, it just opens up upon building completion…

So will that really be me at maximum capacity?

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There was rumours of new buildings but I don’t think they’ve hit Beta yet.

So no idea if they are real or not but I can’t believe SGG won’t have some more stuff up their sleeves for us

I am surprised there is no mission reward to hitting the max level on all buildings.

There should be a significant reward for hitting the mark…

But then SGG are not well known for their generosity.


Missions never offered proportional rewards. Raward for this would be like 50 gems or so… About your builders, you won’t need a second for a while at least, so no need for VIP anymore, and your default builder will always be available for conversions.

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Well that is a shame,
I wonder how many other players are sitting on a position where they are maxed on buildings and have useless builders.

Finished all that buildings. A second useless builder doesn’t bother me that much. I am just VIP for the gems, tix and the emblems


No, and beta is closed for holydays. Will be opened soon.

No. New beta content is added to the #beta-beat threads as it becomes known & tested.

For all the real and up to date info on beta and what’s going on, subscribe / set that hashtag to “watching” or “watching first post”


What lies beyond the existing maximum of all the buildings currently in the game? I have been seeing a few posts where players have maxed every building and are topped out. Seeing that there are only 34 slots maybe some consolidation where several farms become a super farm and that opens up a slot for something new? There are so many duplicate buildings that could be combined to form a super building that would open up slots for something new. And the watchtower has been capped at level 20 for a long time so maybe new levels can be added with new capabilities? Just wondering since it looks like I will be in the same boat sooner than later.

Um… So your thread is about what happens next when all buildings are maxed :thinking:?

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They need to let us convert more buildings once we maxed all current available advanced buildings


All buildings maxed out for a couple months now, No more VIP required as that is all I was spending on so I guess it’s free play from here on as all that’s left to do is craft stuff.

My roster is so full of unleveled heroes and so many waiting on ascerion mats that at the currebt drop rate it will take another 3yrs to finish/max them all and since there is no glory in this game to reach any top goals or targets or be at the top, the only thing left to do is to either just keep on doing nothing but battles for no absolute reason at all other than live on hope of getting mats or find another game as this one has reached it’s maximum limits now.

Who would of thought this actually did have a finish line after all.


Finish line? There are several of them. Done that a few days or weeks after I got to SH20, SH21, SH22, SH23, SH24 and SH25. So I was at the finish line 6 times.

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I’d like to see levels increased too, I’m not far from upgrading everything too.

So true.

I’ve only got a few levels left on my AL, then all of my buildings will be maxed.

Can we not enjoy having a builder/second builder be idle for a while? I know I will.

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The finish line talked about may just be one of the several laps. I don’t feel quite yet at the finish line, even all my structures are max, 4 training camps at level 20 so that i can deposit food and recruits at any of them at TC20 function, 4 forges so any of them can be crafted with tornado or miracle scroll and that i wont be pissed off when I decided that the barracks or alchemy lab be reverted to the forge and will be able to craft tornadoes or scrolls. Others just placed their forge at the minimum level eligible to upgrade advanced structures, and when such advanced structures (barracks and hunters lodge) are idle, i dont want to experience the inability to craft battle items required by PoV when you have the ability to do so.

True, I have exploited my builders. But when nothing is to be done, you just have to lay off one by reason of redundancy. :rofl:

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Having also reached the “nothing for builders to do” moment I am hoping that the devs have something in mind.

I very much liked the idea, read in another thread from 2018, of the possibility of outfitting builders for quests. Maybe different level quests requiring different supplies and times from which they could return successful, or not, with having found lost heroes, a gem mine, or some other resources… possibly ascension mats or crafting mats.
All would depend on time and resources invested and some RNG.

In any case, be it new levels of old buildings, new buildings, or something new I very much hope the developers come up with something for my builders to do. Still have 6+/- months of VIP and, of course, the standard builder… seems a shame for them to have nothing to do.

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