When are upgrades for Stronghold 24 and 25 (SH24/SH25) going to be released? [ANSWER: Not Announced Yet]

Still no.

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Shouldn’t be too much longer now with season 3 approaching they can’t be released until hero academy is ready


It seems to have been about a year since the last upgrade to stronghold levels was released. I’ve been sitting on SH level 23 for at least 9 months. There are other buildings waiting on upgrades when SH 24 or 25 is reached. Can’t do the upgrades if the SH level isn’t available. Any idea on when the next Stronghold upgrade will be released?

Hiya. Best advice to use the search tool before creating a new thread.

To answer your question;
No, no official information… just guesses.

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Stronghold 23 was released in September. :thinking:

Are you possible thinking of Stronghold 21 from June?

Sg says Sh lv24-25 will reach this year.
Who know when , may be next month or next Dec.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Strongold upgrades?

I searched but couldn’t find any info to that. When is the Stronghold going to level up to 25? And what will be the highest Level? Thanks in advance.

For now, yes. SH25 will be the highest. The future? Who knows.

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Does ANYONE know the actual release date of Stronghold 24???

I do! It’s coming out on…

knocking hold on, there’s someone at my door.

opens door Marjana, hi! I wasn’t expecting…wh-wh-why are your hands on fire? AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

drops flaming out of apartment window like a low-rent Denethor

Just a bump to this thread, STILL nothing from SG?

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. Why can’t we level up stronghold past level 23.


Welcome to the forum, LordRiannisad.
As was written multiple times in this thread, to best of my knowledge there is no known date about when SH24 and SH25 (and hero academy) will be released, yet.
We all keep waiting patiently for an excellent working, F2P friendly, low-cost hero academy. Are you listening, SG? :upside_down_face:

Minimum one year from now you’ll be able to be disappointed by Hero Academy, until then just be happy being disappointed that it’s not even on the radar.

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hero acadmey… is that where we put in five 4* to get one 5*?

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