When are the new Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy buildings coming? Are they in beta yet? [No]

when will the new buildings be?


We don’t know yet, no date has been announced.

I’m guessing by April. Somehow it will synch up with Season 2 completion. The new buildings are clearly Atlantian. So maybe by completing Atlantis, you get a new Stronghold? Then spend several months building up in preparation for Season 3? Just a SWAG. They could pop up today FAIK.


WOW new building’s :hushed::grin:

Does anybody know if and when the new buildings are goind to appear

There are no new buildings in beta. My guess would be that we are looking at at least a couple of more months.

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I would like to know when the new buildings will come out and if anyone has information on how they will work.
The ideal would be that the two new buildings announced were of transformation (similar to barrack) to not have great changes.
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Does anybody know if any new building o new feature is being tested in beta?

Not yet


Thank you AMD. I am looking forward to the buildings and to check if there will be any option to exchange heroes among alliance members or something similar…

I think that is not a option in the buildings…

Pretty sure that will be not any trading ingame

I believe they are transformation buildings (like the barracks). I also do not believe that there is a change of heroes between members.
The Laboratory of Alchemy will be the ingredients for items of hero’s ascension. the academy of heroes is the great mystery.

Part of me wonder if by the end of S2 Atlantis, where the dark powers corrupting Atlantis from beneath have been driven off, Poseidon who has regained his mind would allow the player to build secondary base within Atlantis, which is more like a small outpost, that contains the new buildings. After all, the mythological Atlantis has known to have been a prosperous city with advanced civilization / technological advances before it sunk into the depth of the oceans…

But it may very well be just like some speculated that the new buildings will be more like the barracks where an existing building is converted into one.


I am really looking forward to the alchemy lab… hope it’s coming soon cause I don’t know what to hold on to , & what to feed. open to suggestions.

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